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Pseudodragons associate with their own type of coin.

Four levels of rarity for pseudo dragons

Pennys - common

Uncommon - nickels, dimes, quarters

legendary - Silver dollar

Penny pseudodragons are the friendliest due to their constant exposure to money users and high commonality

Nickels, dimes, and quarter pseudo dragons are only aggressive when provoked due to their mild uncommonality and mild contact with money users

Silver dollars Pseudodragons are constantly aggressive due to being constantly hunted down for their homes to be taken away

The size of Pseudodragons are two times the diameter of their associated coins size (which includes their tail length) with the smallest being dime Pseudodragons at 1.41 inches and the largest being silver dollar Pseudodragons at 3 inches.

Pseudodragons are not on any alignment in terms of personality with the exception of their aggression levels matching their coins types

The colors of Pseudodragons do not tend to match with their associated coin

When shapeshifting, Pseudodragons can become human-like but keep their colors

Pseudodragons in human form can be recognized by their associated coin being attached somewhere upon their body

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