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Praetorian Guard Oktoberfest 2016

The Praetorian Guard is an allied unit of House Dregoth based on the historical Roman Praetorian Guard around 36 AD to 45 AD. The Praetorians fight with House Dregoth on the field and camp with House Dregoth, but the members do not have to be members of House Dregoth. Praetorians are easy to spot by their Roman garb, armor and shields.

Historically these Praetorians were involved in the elimination of Caligula since he became unstable.

The next Emperor Claudius was the first Emperor proclaimed on the initiative of the Praetorian Guard instead of the Senate. For the Praetorian Guard times were good under him since he kept them loyal with money and power. For our setting Caesar Murdock replaces Claudius

Unit Leader Prefect Kronos Captain of House Dregoth
Tribune Fowler Sergeant of House Dregoth
Signifier Uriel Guardsman of House Dregoth
Praetorian Zerilious Guardsman of House Dregoth
Praetorian Alcock Guardsman of House Dregoth
Praetorian Cyclops Guardsman of House Dregoth
Praetorian Foxhound Guardsman of House Dregoth
Praetorian Malachi Guardsman of House Dregoth
Praetorian Celes Guardsman of House Dregoth
Speculator Mave Guardsman of House Dregoth
Speculator Stargazer
Praetorian Bolt
Praetorian Kodiak Guardsman of House Dregoth
Praetorian Stormbringer Guardsman of House Dregoth
Praetorian Thumelicus Guardsman of House Dregoth
Praetorian Mynnix Guardsman of House Dregoth
Praetorian Solaris Cyprus Guardsman of House Dregoth
Praetorian Fynn Guardsman of House Dregoth
Speculator Willow Guardsman of House Dregoth

Why Join?
1) Joining a historical based unit filled with great people
2) Historically accurate Praetorian standard, Eagle standard and Praetorian banner.
3) Portray the most powerful nation of Earth's history.

To join our group you must:
1) be sponsored by an existing Praetorian, becoming Auxilia, for a period of Spring Wars to Oktoberfest or Oktoberfest to Spring Wars.
2) spar all active Praetorians. This is the way in which we get to know you.
3) be Roman all the time ie wear the clothes of a Roman. Don't sometimes be something else - a goblin for example. We are opting for playability over accuracy as far as Roman garb goes, for example people are not required to wear caligae, tunics with no pants, or Roman short pants. Just the Romanesque tunic and belt is enough for our purposes. We are history through the filter of a modern (relativly low cost) combat sport. Weapon restrictions are currently relaxed during practices and normal skirmish battles. So if someone wants to use a flail once in a while during a free for all, that is not a problem, but they must use the correct Roman equipment during all Unit battles.
4) Not be a member of any other unit/house (ie a group which would fight during unit battles), with the exception of House Dregoth.
5) on the battlefield team up with Praetorians all the time - not just during unit battles
6) Follow the battlefield commands of Praetorian officers.
7) get voted in by a gathering of Praetorians at Spring Wars or Oktoberfest.
8) be able to attain the minimum equipment of a Praetorian upon acceptance before the next Spring Wars or Oktoberfest
Minimum equipment would be as follows:
Roman Weapon (Sword, Spear or Bow, plus optional Javelin)
Shield if used(Oval preferred, but round and rectangular shields are ok) Shield should have some form of the scorpion symbol.
Green Roman field tunic (We should encourage using the green tunics for battle to keep unit cohesion and the other color tunics for feast, etc.)
Belt (Supplied when you become a full member and should be worn at all times during events and practices)
Additional equipment, highly preferred black and leather for unit cohesion, to get over time:
Breastplate - Muscle Cuirass (preferred), Lorica Segementa or Logica Hamata
Oval Praetorian Shield with the standard design - we get these in bulk and you buy them from us usually
Armored Skirt

What is expected of Praetorians:
1) Continue doing what you did to join the group - 3, 4, 5, 7 of the above

Praetornian Guard with Caesar Murdock
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