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Kronos and Murdock with the Praetorian banner

The Praetorian Guard is a sub-unit of House Dregoth based on the historical Roman Praetorian Guard around 36 AD to 45 AD. The Praetorians fight with House Dregoth on the field and camp with House Dregoth, but the members do not have to be members of House Dregoth. Praetorians are easy to spot by their Roman garb, armor and shields.

Historically these Praetorians were involved in the elimination of Caligula since he became unstable.

The next Emperor Claudius was the first Emperor proclaimed on the initiative of the Praetorian Guard instead of the Senate. For the Praetorian Guard times were good under him since he kept them loyal with money and power. For our setting Caesar Murdock replaces Cladius

Unit Leader Captain Kronos Praetorian title Praetor
Sergeant Fowler Praetorian title Tribune
Guardsman Alcock
Guardsman Celes
Guardsman Cyclops
Guardsman Malachi
Guardsman Uriel
Guardsman Zerilious
Fox Hound

Praetornian Guard with Caesar Murdock

Benefits of becoming a Praetorian:

1) Joining a historical based unit filled with great people
2) In camp pavilion
3) Large fire pit with plenty of firewood
4) Historically accurate Praetorian standard
5) Camp with House Dregoth benefits - well lit camp with the biggest firepit and endless firewood.
6) Lunch on the sidelines of the battlefield at events provided by Fowler. The purpose of this is to keep the unit together through lunch and rejoin the battlefield together as a unit. This lunch isn't provided to eat and then go take a nap afterwards. The lunch is cheese, grapes, bread, beef sticks, water and bananas (to keep muscles from cramping). Fowler has to be present at the event to provide the lunch.

Once a Praetorian we give you:
1) a balteus or cingulum militare (Roman military belt).
2) green tunic with black and gold edges.

To join our group you do not have to join House Dregoth, but must:
1) be sponsored by an existing Praetorian, becoming Auxilia, for a period of Spring Wars to Oktoberfest or Oktoberfest to Spring Wars.
2) spar all active Praetorians. This is the way in which we get to know you. Waived for non-combatants.
3) be Roman all the time ie wear the clothes of a Roman and use the weapons of a Roman for unit battles (no flails). Don't sometimes be something else - a goblin for example.
4) not be a member of another unit other than House Dregoth.
5) team up with Praetorians all the time - not just during unit battles
6) be able to purchase the standard equipment of a Praetorian upon acceptance: javelin, oval tower shield with Praetorian standard (we'll sell it to you at cost), sword, leather roman helm, black leather muscled cuirass and black leather greaves. Normally these would be obtained after being voted in and before the next Oktoberfest or Spring Wars.
7) Follow the battlefield commands of Praetorian officers.
8) get voted in by the Praetorians at Spring Wars or Oktoberfest gathering of Praetorians.

What is expected of Praetorians:
1) Continue doing what you did to join the group - 3, 4, 5, 7 of the above
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