Order of the Shining Tower

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[[Warmaster]] [[Soo Ma Tai]]<br>
*[[Knights|Sir]] [[Anastasia of Chamonix]]<br>
[[Knights|Sir]] [[Thane]]<br>
*[[Knights|Squire]] Angel of [[Dur-Demarion]] <br>
[[Knights|Sir]] [[Xipher]]<br>
*[[Knights|Squire]] [[Kayvaan]]<br>
[[Knights|Sir]] [[Anastasia of Chamonix]]<br>
*[[Knights|Squire]] [[Miriel]]<br>
*[[Knights|Sir]] [[Morpheus|Morpheus the Caretaker]]<br>
[[Kayvaan| Squire Kayvaan]]<br>
*Sir [[Par]], Lord of Mistwood<br>
[[Knights|Sir]] [[Morpheus|Morpheus the Caretaker]]<br>
*Sir [[Peregrine]] the Paragon of Paladins<br>
[[Thurat|Sir Thurat the Seneschal]] <br>
*[[Old Horse]]<br>
Squire [[Miriel]]<br>
*[[Squire]] Pet
Sir [[Peregrine]] the Paragon of Paladins<br>
*[[Remy the Wroth|Remy]]<br>
Squire Angel of [[Dur-Demarion]] <br>
*[[Rumplestilzkin]] of [[Ebonhold]]<br>
Sir [[Par]], Lord of Mistwood<br>
*[[Warmaster]] [[Soo Ma Tai]]<br>
Old Horse<br>
*[[Knights|Sir]] [[Thane]]<br>
Rumplestiken of Ebonhold<br>
*[[Thurat|Sir Thurat the Seneschal]] <br>
[[Squire]] Pet
*[[Knights|Sir]] [[Xipher]]<br>
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The Order of the Shining Tower

A national recognition order founded to recognize those individuals who have done amazing things in realm building, and spreading the sport of Belegarth overall:


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