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The 'Obellys are majikal eyes plucked from the head of a great spider of myth by a Khadine named Rashmish. It is said they hold powers to see what has been and what will be, but much is yet to be discovered. Without its eyes, fate is no longer in balance. Bad things happen to good people, some die young and others linger long in illness and misery. It is known that the Sons of Sylas have one of the eyes, the Snotling tribe has another. Rumors abound that an Ogre tribe does as well. Several are unaccounted for, and only time will tell if or when they will ever surface again.

The Tale of Rashmish and the Fate-Spider

There was a young goblin Khadine named Rashmish. She came across a group of goblins who had been beaten back numerous times by a great Elf King. At least 3 different times they had been beaten back. Rashmish sees that these goblyns are weaker than they should be, and suspects some sort of treachery. She declares that she will seek out this Elf King and break the curse that has been placed upon them. She rallies the Goblyns, and they ride on great spiders to the Elf King’s fortress. They dispatch the guards and the spiders carry them up and over the walls. Rashmish leads the way, but is stunned to find the elf king already dead. His body is laid out in state on a great table and his people whisper in hushed tones about it "being his time".

Rashmish is confused and furious. What does it mean it was his time? How dare this elf king die before she could kill him. In wrath she and the goblyns descend upon the mourners and slaughter the lot of them. However nothing is found which will break the curse. Every elf within the fortress is killed, and Rashmish notices that when they die their spirits are pulled away. As the last spirit leaves, she notices a barely visible thread. Rashmish jumps on her riding spider and tries to follow the soul so that she may find the soul of the elf king, and punish him for dying. She travels long, but loses the trail. Then Rashmish comes upon an idea, she will seek out the Elf King’s daughter who was not at the fortress. She will grab onto the soul and follow it that way. She seeks out a Witchdoctor who will give her the majik needed to do this. Once the spell is complete, she comes upon the elf in her sleep and quickly slays her. She grabs hold of the spirit, and the elf is shocked. "How have you done this", she asks, "it was not my time." Rashmish is so angry she nearly forgets, and lets go, but the soul is pulled, and Rashmish hangs on. The soul is distressed and tries to fight her off. The elf screams that it wasn’t her time, that it is not right. Rashmish screams in return, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN. Rashmish hangs on though. The soul gradually calms down and starts to lose its form, and they are pulled across the veil.

The soul itself becomes a string and Rashmish loses her grip, but not before being pulled into a great void where an enormous wooden spider sits spinning a mighty web with the strands. Rashmish sees souls coming in and being sent out, and the spider takes no notice of her. Rashmish is furious; she jumps on the spider and hacks at it, demanding it release the elf king’s soul to her. Though made of wood, Rashmish can do no damage to it. She turns to its face and tries to poke at its eyes, but the spider takes no notice, and no damage is seen. Rashmish is now beyond furious and tries to cut the web itself, but it too was indestructible. In a final act of rage and fury, Rashmish took her sword, and using all of her leverage she popped one of the spider’s eyes out of its socket. Laughing in triumph she did it to all the others as well. A great hush seemed to fall over the place, where before there had been a hum. The spider continued its work, but was now blinded. The once great tapestry of the web began to have errors and flaws in it. Some souls were pulled back nearly as quickly as they were sent out. Rashmish felt great eyes turn on her, and felt words form in her head. What have you done to my Obellys. You and your kind will pay dearly for what you have done. Already you fall before us.

Then Rashmish’s heart was filled with dread. She ran out of the void and upon crossing the veil she fell. Once in the mortal plane she found that as she grasped the eye that remained in her hand, she saw terrible visions. She saw that it was not the elf king who had cursed the goblyns, but Baulk himself who had betrayed them. She saw Neb’s soldiers fall, and then Neb himself. She saw Sifu’s fate and Skribbit ascend in rage. She saw what was to befall Reth. Nearly wracked with despair she hurried back to Reth, to give him the eye and prevent what she saw.

She came upon Reth putting on his armor, and demanded to see the other four Great Goblyns, so as to prevent the terrible visions. Reth just shook his head and said they were all gone. Rashmish was confused. She was not gone that long, but Reth tells her she has been gone much longer than she thinks. Rashmish is stunned, but tells him that she can at least prevent his fate. She told him about the eyes, but before she could tell him more, he stopped her. He smiled his typical, devilish grin as he put on his helm. He told her not to tell him what would happen, but that she should take the knowledge and do what was best for the goblyns. He said he had a plan to destroy those who would destroy the goblyns. Then he left with his army. Rashmish gathered some who would follow her, and led them deep into the caves, so as to wait out the coming storm. So was founded the Night Goblyns tribe.

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