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[[File:Puck_and_Mouse.jpg|thumb|550px|right|Puck (on the right) at Chaos Wars 15.]]
[[File:Puck_and_Mouse.jpg|thumb|550px|right|Mouse and Puck at [[Chaos Wars 15]].]]
Fighter of [[Alera]] in [[Washington]].  Lady [[Puck]]Has attended several [[Chaos Wars]].
'''Name:''' Mouse aka Mrs. [[Puck]] aka Badass Kobold Boss Lady<br>
'''Realm:''' [[Alera]]<br>
'''Race:''' [[Kobold]] - Ugagagaba Fanatic<br>
'''Unit:''' [[Horde]] - [[Awakening|Blooded]] at [[Chaos Wars 18]], [[Year of Blood]]
*Has attended several [[Chaos Wars]].

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Mouse and Puck at Chaos Wars 15.

Name: Mouse aka Mrs. Puck aka Badass Kobold Boss Lady

Realm: Alera

Race: Kobold - Ugagagaba Fanatic

Unit: Horde - Blooded at Chaos Wars 18, Year of Blood

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