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Fighter name: Mithras

Mundane name: Davie Crash

Started fighting: Sometime in 2010

Realm: The Void

Unit: The Dark Brotherhood

House: The New Order

Race: Kobold

Kobold titles: The Chafed (don't ask)

Events attended:

Silica Vale 2015

War of Wrath 2015

Battle for the Ring 2016

Raid of Skyreach 2016

War of Wrath 2016

Mithras (as he is known now) was born in Moseewaa and spent many years in tunnel Q subsection 3.

He got bored and decided to leave the tunnels and see the surface. In his travels he met many interesting people.

A Hobgoblyn that he fought beside many times

A gypsy merchant that gave him the heebie jeebies

A Ork "goddess" that gave him a gift

A Tengu that taught him to use a sword

And a knife ears that wasn’t so bad.

As he traveled he met a group of people that worshiped death and nothingness. He saw they had many shinnies and he wanted them. He grew in stature within this brotherhood as the bodies piled up behind him and his shinnies became numerous . Because of his devotion to the Void he was given the title of The Keeper.

Interesting facts: Mithras has never invented a item in his life. But many ideas…Existential dread? Your welcome.

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