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Creation of Goblyns:
Melashekhaad be dee biggest thing in the universe. He so big, he jus' bigger den everything. An' he always bin der. He create everything too, mostly because he be bored in universe by hisself. So he decide to create something to entertain him. So he try an' try to create a creature dat hav mind of god, but be mortal like animal, an' dey will always change. Gods are very boring in general, but mortals much less so. But Melashekhaad SO big, an' so powerful, even when he put dee tiniest spark of life into somet'ing, it be like god. He keep trying anyway, and' dis be where we get spirits an' demons an' dee lesser races' gods from. It not be working. He think about how animals populate, and he have ideas. He find Pissran, dis nasty, flying, pissing cat goddess. She is just a bitch. He chase her, an' he take her, an' she fly away pissed. She be pissing all over creation in anger, and den she realize where dee piss be, dees small, beautiful green things keep popping up. And she like what dee fuck?! An' dey run away an' she try to kill them an' dey laugh. Dis how Goblyns be created.

The most well known follower of Melashekhaad in Goblyn history is Reth, who sits on the great god's shoulder to this day. Most Goblyns do not venerate Melashekhaad, if for no other reason than he's pretty damn lazy and rarely listens to them. He's also so big that anything he would do could destroy the world. Sometimes he will provide guidance to favored Kings or Khadines, but this is rare. His symbol is a large eye.

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