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Physical Attributes

Mech Goblins are smaller than your standard Goblyn, standing at about 3’6” after being fully grown. They also have a wide variation in body types. Once in a while, one gets the idea of replacing bones with much longer metal rods to increase height. Most of these attempts have resulted in death, however, due to rust poisoning.

Mental Attributes

Mech Goblins are just as smart as all Goblyns are. However, should you ask one, he will surely tell you that they are immensely more intelligent. Mech Goblins tend to have more of a knack for inventing new ways to get the job done (even if it’s not necessary to be any easier.) Also, a Mech Goblin can never turn down an opportunity to gamble, whether it be in a game of dice or smarting off to much larger monsters.


Because they are so immersed in science and technology, Mech Goblins have no religion. This however is not to say that the mech goblins do not have traditions and superstitions. The industry they immerse themselves in is as much a religion to them as any divine force.


Mech Goblins are all born on the same day. This is because nine months before the Great Birthing Day is the holiday of St. Grox Day. On this day, all Mech Goblins of age honor Grox by getting piss drunk and copulating until they pass out.

Much like the other Goblyns, Mech Goblin mothers seclude themselves in a closed off area to give birth. After the birthing, the new litters are released from the chambers and sent to the feast hall to dine on their first meal with their Goblin brothers and sisters.


Because all Mech Goblins are born on the same day, they are not able to follow the standard Goblyn figures (vulture, komodo, mantis, rat, etc.)

Once they have eaten at their birthing feast, the newborn Mech Goblins are brought to the workshop and the head engineer gives them a tool or part and tells them what kind of Goblyn they will grow to be.

(Example: "Turgle, I give you dis hammer. You will be dee driving force behind any project. May you always find dee balance between power and control.")

Known Mech Goblins







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