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Khadine of Goblyn - Tribe of Broken Nose

Kudzu and Izareth in ancient days.

"Hello, my name Kudzu.

I'm the Ur-khadine.

Grik and Monster come to me to kill or make the king."

Kudzu was one of the original five goblyns in Dag/Bel, along with Izareth, Malevan, Blixxx, and Skrade. In 1998 he became the first goblyn to earn the fighting title Khadine.

In recent years, Kudzu has returned from years of wandering and overseen a rebirth of the Dead River Horde in Dur-Demarion. In 2015, Kudzu blooded Khadar Kazi, who went on to become the second Khadine.

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