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Race: Hobgoblyn

Realm: Knight Hollow

Unit: Horde Awakened at Beltane XXI in the Year of Pain

Style of Choice: Sword and board, Archery

First time painting at Ides of March X

Knights of Wildwood "Sur'Rated"

Titles in horde: Awakened, Enlightened

Fighting since: July 2015

Completed Prana’Kais: Lore- Beltane XXI

Lore: In hazed glimpses I saw the arrow shatter on impact of my chest. The crow took up one said shard taking wing toward the sun, capturing my soul as it flew away from the corpse…

Stars fall from the night’s vast sky, most burning away gone from the world forever. One of these falling stars struck through the old branches of a dying tree before impacting with the black sands at the base of The Ashen Mountains with such intensity the sands formed into glass around the foreign metal of the fallen star. The star had been pursued by the crow with scarlet thread and needle in its clutches. My soul took to the hollow of the tree that had dug its roots deep into the black sands for asylum.

As the crow landed on the the broken limb, he dropped the needle forming the first stitch. One to be followed by many more. The elements followed the stitch creating my form. Phosphorous blazes at my core, giving light to my allies and incinerating my enemies. Iodine swirls around healing the wounds as the layers peel away as the I come into being. Thallium moves in continuously changing and shifting, adapting as every moment passes. Carbon and nitrogen follow adding toxicity and a keen sharpness. Copper from the mountains form the veins carrying an energy that radiates through. Iridium from the fallen star crept into me forming around and reinforcing the rest.

The wind changes, shifting the cold sands burying me inside the hollow, The sand’s minerals etch their way into my skin. Zircon took hold, resistant to all forms of errions, with standing the toll time takes on all creatures. Magnetite to bring together my allies. Topaz bear Aries’ fire and ferocity to my hands to guide them through battle. Quartz fore the many forms it takes and the versatility of each. The blues from the quartz and the greens from the olivines paint my skin. Pyroxene, the volcanic glass from the star, brings a clarity to my being to show no falsities to those who may wish to view my soul, in exchange for such it leaves a dark tint to my painted skin. From the mercury within, cinnabar surfaces leaving the shadows of my body shades of red.

The remaining sand is cleared away from the hollow by the wild boar of the forest imprinting its tenacity and aggression into my eyes. To stand against any enemy no matter the size. From the distance came a sound, too soft to place at first, but rapidly growing louder. I open my eyes to the deafening sound of the swarming cicadas from the drowning hills as the mass ellipses the moon. From within the darkness and the noise flashed a light, small but distinct. This light continued to flash as it continues through the swarm until it reaches my hollow. The small lightening bug finds refuge in my throat giving me a voice that can be heard even through the darkest of times. The first words are whisper. The whisper grows into a shout echoing through the trees and across the lands to those drowning in the long distant hills. The swarm parts and dissipates allowing light to touch the earth once more.

I crawl from my hollow, I need its asylum no longer. The crow that had carried my needle and thread had passed on, I take up the bird and drape its wings over my shoulders. I see the world before me and the many paths it may yield. Digging my feet into the sand can see mine before me, it shall have many turns, but it is mine and I shall follow it until my legs can no longer carry. With determination, I take one step toward the tree line, the first step of many. I find myself craving the thrill of the hunt, just as I remember from the glimpses. The hunt begins anew.

Here I stand and here I shall remain.

9/09/16 After waiting for many days, listening for the whisper and only hearing silence. I had been listening for the rest of my name through my travels. I heard many whispers of symbols and of designs, but none of my name. It was on this night that I heard it. There on the dark stone wall I saw the distinct light of a firefly and I heard its whisper. Krough Naag Lo Shii. I heard the meaning behind these words as well. Naag is the knowledge seeker, Lo is the guide, and Shii is the Carillon. Naag and Loshii create a cycle. One is continuing to acquire knowledge and guide is teaching and giving knowledge. Over all meaning: There is always something new. There is always a change and that is the balance.

Korryynn'Krough as of July 29th, 2016 under Kort'Gorgas.

Events attended
2015- Equinox, Octoberfest, WAR, Feast of Beasts, and Winter War
2016- Wolf Pack Opener, The Ides of March X, April Blood Showers, Dur D Home Opener, Olympics, Beltane XXI, Mittlemarch MM, Dog Days, Broken Ballads.
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