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The Kitsune are nine tailed fox creatures from the far east, often dwelling in deep forests and mountains. They pray on humans and other sentient in secluded mountain villages, picking off those that wander too far from safety then moving onto livestock and those out at night. Over the course of time they will slowly destroy the village one person, animal, and building at a time spreading fear and panic until they move in the night and devour the last survivors. Once they are gone they will find a new settlement to terrorize.

Rojīn's Tale

Sit down by the fire traveler, have something to eat and something to drink and let an old man tell you about the village over the north pass, and what happened to it two winters ago. Ah, I see that look in your eyes, the way your lips thin. 'But there is no village over the north pass' you say, for you have just come that way and have not seen it. And you won't, not any more, not after what "It" did.

It started just as the snow began to fall, at first it was small things, some chickens and ducks missing, a few tools stolen or a cart broken, one time the rope to the well was broken. Then woodcutter’s boy went out one evening and never came back, they found his body cut open with his own ax and hung from the Sakaki tree the next morning, his heart was missing from his chest. After that nothing happened for a few days before a farmer went out in the morning to find all but one of his livestock slaughtered and arranged in a circle, all except for one pig who had been painted with the others blood, and all around the foot prints of a fox. After that it just got worse, a house burned down then another. People began to go missing every night and every day they were found hung from the branches of the trees. A month in the rice stores burned, before the fire was out, the barley joined it in flames. Without their winter crops the people began to starve, Those who were forced to forage in the woods never came back. Some people tried to flee the village all together, One came back babbling stories of shadowed creatures with glowing eyes hounding him through the woods; one knocked him over and stole his pack before running into the woods again, laughing madly. The rest who ran were found along the path, their hearts and organs eaten, their bodies cut to pieces, some were never found at all.

In the dead of winter, it struck for the last time. Few were left by then, only a single small family and the Woodcutter. Around the hour of the Ox, they woke to the roof burning. They ran outside and saw It. The Creature crouched there on three limbs holding a flaming brand and a knife in the last, its teeth dripping with saliva, the fur on its face matted with blood, its eyes glittered golden in the light of the burning house and barn. It raised its canid face to the moon and let out a blood-curdling scream, then lunged. In a flurry of motion, it cut down one villager then another. The father defended against the Creature, but it ducked under his weapon and killed without hindrance. In moments, only the Woodcutter was left facing it. It grinned at him, its eyes filled with malicious glee and swung the brand. When he woke up he found himself alone, nothing remained of the village except smoldering coals, around him arranged like some horrible sigil were the corpses of the others, on his face and clothes more(?) were painted in blood and ash. He didn't remember how he got to this village to tell his tale, he just knows that he did. The woods have claimed the land over the North Pass again, the ash and bones buried under brush and moss and young trees. But now you know why there is no village there anymore. And why I will no longer cut wood in the forest. And why the Kitsune will forever haunt my dreams.


Kitsune are usually around four to four and a half feet tall when on two legs but will often drop to all fours in rough terrain, this has given the pinkies the false impression that they shape shift. They are most recognizable by their multiple tails and red and black facial markings. Kitsune wear clothes stolen from the people they hunt or that they have made from the scraps, they often favor darker colors for most of their clothes but will wear outer kimono with bolder patterns. Bones or even whole-body parts and things made of wood or stone are used as decoration.

After killing their victims Kitsune often consume their hearts and livers believing that in doing so they take in their foe's strength.

Known Kitsunes

  • Knives Shadowrunner
  • Nanashi
  • Vixen
  • Yang
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