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Khalon ready standing ready at Fool's Raid, 04/28/2011


At a Glance

Home Realm: An Tir Dearg
Unit: War Wolves: Winterfang Ship
Fighting Since: October 2009
Age: 29
Location: Washington, UT
Styles: Archery, Florentine, Sword and Board, Heralding
Why Belegarth?: Tiberius Claudius Marcellus introduced him and he has loved it ever since.

Role in Belegarth

Khalon charging into the fray at Fool's Raid, 04/03/2010

War Wolves: Winterfang Ship

After a sabbatical, Khalon returned to his former realm An Tir Dearg. Upon his return he helped found the Winterfangs with his old comrade Tiberius Claudius Marcellus. Once formed the Winterfangs approached the War Wolves of Barad'dun and requested War Wolf status. Upon approval the Winterfangs became the newest ship of the War Wolves. Khalon now serves as the Winterfang's Bowmaster(2nd in command) and as the official representative of the Winterfangs on the An Tir Dearg Council.


Khalon Antonius was a founding member and the first Legatus Legionis of Legio XXV Fidelis Constans in the realm of An Tir Dearg in St. George, UT. As Commander of the Legion, and one of the voting Tribuni, he was actively invovled in all fundamental training and decision making. Several contributions he made to the sport are the creation of the first extensive drafts of Legion rules and structural organization, Gen. I and Gen. II Scutum designs, and the creation and maintenance of the Legio XXV website. He has also used his creative genius to construct the Legion's Vexillum, to plan recruiting and informational videos, and also had taken up service as the Legion's primary, if unofficial, foam smith.


Khalon ready for battle at the Let Freedom Ring Parade, 08/11/2012


  • An Tir Dearg Council Member (Represents the will and interests of the Winterfangs within the Realm)
  • An Tir Dearg Secretary
  • An Tir Dearg Senior Tabard
  • An Tir Dearg Tabard

Unit: War Wolves: Winterfang Ship

  • Rank: Bowmaster
  • Member Sash
  • Mark of the Wolf
  • Wolf Fighter: Silver Shield
  • Wolf Skirmisher: Silver Sword

Unit: Legion XXV (DISBANDED)

Event Attendance

War of Reckoning (02/06/2010)
Fool's Raid (04/03/2010)
War of Rechoning III (02/25/2012)
Fool's Raid (04/28/2010)
Cedar City Midsummer Renaissance Festival (07/11 - 07/14/12)

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