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Kelsec (Kevin Vergason)

Background: Kelsec trained from childhood with close friend Corilithon and joined Talinor after meeting realm leader Bortas in 2007. Kelsec was an active fighter for talinir for several years and for a short while was elected as the realms leader until the realm was divided into several units when he became the leader of the Orchard Guard. After the disbanding of the Orchard Guard, Kelsec spent several years away from the realm to reflect and to grow himself spiritually. On July 28th, 2019 kelsec returned to the realm and was welcomed by it's new host of fighters. Now kelsec trains to regain the skill he lost as a fighter to time and to learn new skills on the battlefield. He hopes one day to possibly reform the Orchard Guard.


Kitsap County, Washington




leader of The Orchard Guard (Disbanded)

Started Fighting in: 2007

Preferred Weapon Combo: Sword and Shield

Events Attended: Talinor Invitational 2011, Oregon 2011

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