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HORDE marches through the human lands, bringing gifts of carnage and mass destruction.
HoRde - We have come to be the enemy.

"when you know" a peasants warning

When screams travel the land, know the HoRdE is coming. When Death flies as a sparrow on the wind, know the HoRdE is coming. When the night speaks to you of slaughter, know the HoRdE is coming.

Your Father's blood upon the walls, Know the HoRdE is there. Your children's screams upon your ears, Know the HoRdE is there. As the last agonizing breath leaves your chest, Know the HoRdE is there.

A barren land, devoid of life, Know the HoRdE was there. Corpses litter the ground, picked by crows, Know the HoRdE was there. Burning terror all about, Know the HoRdE was there.

Signs of the HoRdE

Your village was burned and pillaged by monsters?
- Dat was HoRde.

Your family killed by monsters while traveling the countryside?
- Dey were tastee.

The most Holy of your Temples was vandalized with the obscentities twisted enough to make you go mad written in the blood of the Priests who resided there?
- Yeah, funny story behind dat, we didn't even plan dat one out. We were actyooally teeching de younger Gobylns how to reed and rite and ran out of ink. Worked out well for everyone dat day reealy. We valyoo edukashun.

You aren't HoRdE? then we beters den youse and now yoo bleedin ---

The Horde is a unit comprised of the most amazingly vile and evil creatures of darkness. The Horde has had the cunning, stength, war tactics, and just plain pure hatred to conquer the world if they wanted since the beginning of their existance. What has prevented them from doing so thus far is their thorough and incessant in-fighting. This in-fighting also trims the fat from the army, allowing it to stay lean and dangerous.

The only member of The Horde never challenged is the current High General Izareth. He has been chosen by the Gods to unite The Horde and bring the world to its knees before its monster superiors. The Horde draws many races to its banner: including the most awesome and terror-inspiring Bugbear, the stupider Goblin, the stupiderest Troll, and Skaven any monster who will stand in the face of insurmountable odds against the forces of 'Good', Stand with it's leaders, hold their ground and when it looks like their going to lose, backstab their leaders and throw them at the enemy and run.

Out of character: The HoRdE is a group of guys and gals who like hanging out together. We play jokes on each other, party, and fight together. You can get into the horde by initally asking to fight with us where ever you may be from then by comming to an event where there is Izareth or someone bestowed the power of the barrell by an Izareth and barreling. We like to have fun alot sometimes to the point of upsetting people. Usually these people's asses are so tight they could make diamonds out of coal, but thats not the point of Horde. The point is to have a good time and enjoy the game.


Dead River Horde: Leadership & Members (TN)





Fighting with DRH, not yet Barrelled:

Blood Valley Horde: Leadership & Members (IA)




Burning Mountain Horde: Leadership & Members (OR)


Black Tundra: Leadership & Members (UT&ID)



Fighting with RTCH, not yet Barrelled:

HorseGrave Horde: Leadership & Members (KY)


Members Fighting with Horde but not Officially Barrelled

Poison Plains Horde: Leadership & Members (IL)


Unit Members

Grim Moor Horde: Leadership & Members (WI)




List of Horde Games

  • Duck and duck... and duck again? Maybe you get shot at? Then maybe gooses?

Quick Monster Facts:

Horde's Sacred Alliances

HON'R is de most impordant ting to de HoRde. Witout HON'R, wat wood we bee?
Dis be a list of some of our closest allys. Yoo can trust us, we got yoor bax:

(hah...it so true!)
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