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''''' ''Guttermaw Lore'' '''''
''''' ''Guttermaw Lore'' '''''

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Guttermaw Lore

Before Guttermaw there were many, one large group of gnolls who moved and fought as one. Strong as they were the group didn’t stay together. Each gnoll had their own ideas for what they wanted to do. Each wanted to follow in their own path, take the group where they wished. Eventually gnolls begun to break away from each other, going their own ways and starting their own clans.

Guttermaw started in a similar way but in this clans eyes, it was the group who left them. They now roam the lands, blood thirsty and looking for their next kill. They follow in the steps of one who wishes them not to. Poor Marjack, just accept that Guttermaw gnolls like you (even though we are not your creations). Due to their love for Marjack, they have a stronger dislike for Ankha. Yes she was the creator of gnolls but they prefer to keep the fight alive and continue the down the lines as war dogs.

Though Guttermaw spreads far across the lands, large chunks of them reside in the Highlands of Chaos and Stygia. Some of our more spread out areas are located in Dur Demarion. They spread their love for the fight far and wide across the lands. Making themselves known by being loud, rushing enemies and shredding them. Although, people may see them as big lazy fluff balls as well who love napping. (Rainrot is worse then us guys, we are still pretty active. Think cat naps when we laze about!)

What is Guttermaw though? They are family, on the outside they may seem like big scary monsters. Once you get to know them though they are cuddly doggos, or so they are told. Don’t be deceived though, though they show kindness towards their clan mates. They are not always friendly towards other races, or clans. Accepting as they are of other gnolls who wish to join their clan, they are always weary of them. This is due to their view of how the original gnoll clan pulled away from them. They look at new comers with hesitance before they accept them fully into their clan.

Questions about Guttermaw

* What gnoll race does Guttermaw consist of?

- Guttermaw is more strongly based around the Maanhaar sub race of gnoll, though they have spotted and striped gnolls within their ranks. They are not subjected to what race of gnoll you chose, they will accept you either way.

* What does it take to be a Guttermaw gnoll?

- YOU HAVE TO FIGHT! ALL THE TIME! Naw just kidding. As long as you show your markings and wear them proudly you’ll do great in Guttermaw. Even though they love to fight it is not a requirement within the clan itself.

What symbol shows that you're Guttermaw?

A stripe actoss the face that goes cheek to cheek and crosses over the bridge of the nose.

* Guttermaw allies (yes we have allies within our own clan).

- Currently the gnolls have a great friendship with hell hounds. They “hunt” with them and fight along side them.

*Questions about Guttermaw?

- You can always contact Abel! She’ll most likely have an answer for you about her clan.

Current Gnolls of Guttermaw

Clan Symbol

Coming shortly.

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