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== '''The First Hobgoblyn''' ==
== '''The First Hobgoblyn''' ==

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[edit] The First Hobgoblyn

Gorgas 400 wide (1).jpg


Mantle Under Gorgas 2.jpgHorse Skull front.jpgUniversal Magic Circle Gorgas.jpg

Circles and Angles of Kort'- - Symbol of Phobettus- - Hobben Universal Circles

Gorgas is the sixth monster created before the Horde of a thousand faces was established. He was in the original skryll of the five Goblyns Kudzu, Blixxx, Skrade, Malivan and headed by Izareth.

He was known as one to help bridge gaps among outer units and bands of monster groups and helped his skryll establish monsters as a prominent fighting group and also helped usher in the current age of Unification.

Gorgas and the origins of the race of Hobgoblyns is bound along the spine of monsterly tomes (wherever these might be). He climbed out of a swamp far to the south and traveled into the area now known as "The Dead River".

[edit] The Dark Elder Tsa'ath - Usher of the Deathrisen Race

Gorgas is one of the 9 Dark Elders and is responsible for the Necromyc Direction of Mnarr (Monster kind).

He has chosen the current age as the one that will see the dead again risen. He will see them out from their languid state and will unite their various sub-races to stand together with his, the Hobben race.

Dead River.jpg

The Dead River

This is where the surge of future generations of Hobgoblyns will hail. Just as the banks of the Dead River does, in its own cycles. The blood from ancient monsters forebear its currents and lie there still.

This is where his Kussts are held.

They will return in 7 and 13 yearly cycles.

Cicada 7s.jpg

Cicada (Magicicada neotredecim)

This is where his Beetle is hung.

It holds post for those who listen.

Ancient beetle Gorgas.jpg

The Ghoor-Shu Tyras-levithan

This is where the Animus was hunted.

Out of the brambles and into the weave.

Deer skull .jpg

The Animus of the first Hobben artifice

This is where his Mantle is lain.

And where it will seep up again.

Gorgas griffon-vulture.jpg

The Atrattus: Te Arroa

Gorgas carries a horse skull staff to help him evoke the Hobben deity Phobettus whom he acts as agent for.

[edit] Kort'Sepherrah of The Hobgoblyn Race

The seventh cycle of a hob is that of communication and duty to help hobgoblyns inside the sixth Hobben Lifecycle.

The role of of Kort'sepherrah is to allow a better understanding of Kort'yyrrah. This understanding includes the instruction for meta game plans and other views view that may help with instruction and guidance.

Gorgas currently acts as a whisper to the Hobgoblyns:












[edit] Hobben Engram Theorist

Gorgas is the author of The Hobben Sakarenn an assembly of hobben philosophies he has deciphered from the Hobgoblyn Engram and are his personal path and erudition of the hollow.

Hobben Sakarenn XXI- "Plaguemind"

Hobben words should be scattered like our plagues; no matter how small the curse may be, if it has once found favourable mind, it unfolds its strength and from an insignificant vibration can spread into greater cycles. Words within Hobben Kort'yyrrah grow in the same way; they are not apparent to those who do not listen, but will be invasive nature as it does its work for those who might. Few words are spoken by the whisper; but if the mind has truly caught them in its hollow, it would come into true strength and can drift up and grow. Yes, Hobben precepts and deadly seeds have the same quality; they produce much, and yet they are only slight things. As I have said, if a worthy mind receive and assimilate them. Then of itself the mind also will produce the curse blessings in its turn, giving back more than it has ever received. Listen for the words that would grow in you, and that you would then as a seed be deeply fed. And drift up, grow and spread- Gorgas

[edit] Datamaryyan of the Horde

Gorgas is in the process of writing the beginnings of the Horde itself. The first novels will depict the adventures of the original skryll and the paths they took to establish a foothold among the fairer races. The books will flesh out the events that would start the build of what monsters are and the ideas that would eventually grow into the greater force of culture that it has become.

[edit] Heptagonal Make

Elemental Guilding








Mineral Mantling

Seven Minerals.jpg

Black Iron.jpg


Flint.jpg Hematite.jpg



Green Agate.jpgTigers Eye.jpg


Tiger's Eye

Smoky Quartz.jpg Magnesium.jpg

Smoky Quarts- Magnesium

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