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God Squad symbol ~ Nail & Wings
God Squad circa 1999
God Squad, Chaos Wars 9
God Squad, CW 11 posing with banner
God Squad, CW 12 ~ Banner Victory
God Squad, CW 14
God Squad, CW 18 ~ Banner Victory


General Information

God Squad is as Foam-Combat Fighting Unit dedicated to the progression of the sport and community. Each member of God Squad assumes a secondary alias, one that references religion.

  • Colors: White, Gold, and Black
  • Symbols: Nail, Wings, Halo, and other religious iconography.
  • Rituals: The Pabstism, an endurance "Barrel" for new members.


2005: God Squad was created by Melee Moses, BattleChrist, and Combat Cain (Matt McDonald) in the realm of Ebonhold, Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Armageddon IV: Melee Moses and BattleChrist replaced the original Combat Cain role with the brand new up and coming killer, Ruben.

Chaos Wars 9 2005:They added to their ranks: Bishop, Kurgan, Dyse, Morwen, and Loki. Because of the name "God Squad" they were taken as a joke unit and underestimated. At the end of this Chaos Wars, all members of GS were added to or joined the Gelfs as well, and seen as their sub-unit.

Thaw Brawl 06: Brute was the first member to barrel into God Squad. After completing the barrel, he was raised above the crowd of people, representing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He was then struck in the testicles.

Chaos Wars 10 2006: God Squad faced off against the Gelfan Empire's Beta Team in the 10-man tournament and was beaten. They quickly rose to glory in the controversial Banner Battles and became an invaluable force against their archrivals, The Elite Blood Falcons. The EBF were soon defeated and Iowa took home the Chaos Banner. GS also allowed an honorary member to join, Dagmar, of the eastern unit Dark Guard.

Chaos Wars 11 2007: The unit, disenfranchised by the lack of efficiency in it's current membership being beholden to the Gelfan Empire, separated and became it's own established team. The Gelfan Apartheid was over.

Chaos Wars 12 2008: God Squad created a trial and agreed to welcome three new members into its roster of fighters. Aleksii, Kanon, and Shino were all barreled into the unit by means of a 30 minute marathon trial, which was brutal and exhausting. This capped off an already successful day as God Squad had risen to the challenge and took home the victory during The Battle of the Gods. The points won during these battles ensured that God Squad --for the first time-- would win the Chaos Banner as Chaos Wars Champions.

Chaos Wars 13 2009: drunk by lunch.

Chaos Wars 14 2010: drunk by lunch.

Chaos Wars 15 2011: God Squad barreled in 3 new members. It was a baptism of vicious swordsmanship as the new members endured a marathon of pain and defeat. When it was done, Troll, Elerosse, and Rope all became the newest members of the Church and agreed hence fourth to do God's work on the field.

Chaos Wars 16 2012: God Squad, once again allianced with Hellhammer & Friends, but were out-done by the crafty Catalyst Clan, losing out on any chance to take home the Chaos Banner. But not all was lost. They won the Unit Cloak through the now legendary God-Hammer Alliance. This outing also saw the creation of the Wizard Council a DARPing spin-off unit comprised of mostly God Squad members.

Chaos Wars 17 2013: The final year at Silver Bell Ranch. Much wizarding and debauchery was had. We forgot everything that happened for the most part.

Chaos Wars 18 2014: God Squad barreled in two new members, Coop & Fish, in a glorious session of intense dank tussles. Godalyst, a new alliance with the Catalyst clan, won the 10-man tournament, tearing through every team it faced, including the salt-prince flail-boys, Brotherhood of the Falcon. And to top off an incredible year, GS using their skills in wheelin' n' dealin', on and off the field, secured a major win, taking home the Chaos Banner for a second time.

Western Wars XIV 2015: God Squad barreled in three new members, Dagg, Wadu & Krow.

Chaos Wars 19 2015: The crust is a must.

Chaos Wars 20 2016: Barreled in two new members, Sare & Marrick. Also fought hard for the banner, but were outmaneuvered by the crafty alliances of Blacklyst (Catalyst and Blackwater) and Skal (Uruk-Hai, Pirates, Germania, Romans, Juggernaughts, Juggalos, and the Illuminati). GS still went hard in the paint for battle and on Tournament Day took home 6 trophies; Single Blue, Open Red, Champion, Two Man, Four Man, and Ten Man. Quality over quantity. Lets bring back that Unit Cloak and maybe show these alliances what a fighting unit means. Our 10 versus your 10.

Chaos Wars 21 2017: Another year out-crafted by alliances and supergroups, God Squad still fought admirably on and off the field for the Chaos Banner. God Squad also won the Do-Deca-Deathalon contest after a tight race against the Gelf/EBF Alliance.

Battle for the Ring X 2018: Barreled in one new member, Finnish.

Western Wars XV 2018: God Squad attempted and succeeded in one of its most brutal Pabstisms ever, and barreled in four new members. Scorpion Bob, Bran, Veithryn, and BEAЯ. Harsh living conditions couldn't stop us from destroying the field, the trials, and the barrels. #GodSquatters. The Jar of Visions chose us.

Chaos Wars 22 2018: (TBD)

10-Man Challenges

Battle for the Ring VII - God Squad vs. Blackwater (Win/5-2)

Western Wars XII - God Squad vs. Catalyst (Win/5-0)

Chaos Wars 19 - God Squad vs. Horde (Win/5-1)

Battle for the Ring VIII - God Squad vs. Wardens (Loss/2-5) / vs. Blackwater (Win/5-2) / vs. Forsaken (Win/5-2) / vs. The Sith Empire (Win/5-0)

Chaos Wars 20 - God Squad vs. Norcalia (Loss/3-5) / vs. Hellhammer (5v5) (Win/5-3)

Battle for the Ring IX - God Squad vs. Sith (Loss/4-5) / vs. Norcalia (Win/5-3)

Western Wars XIV - God Squad vs. Gelfs (Win/5-2) / vs. Catalyst (Win/5-3)

Chaos Wars 21 - God Squad vs. Norcalia (Win/5-3)

Battle for the Ring X - God Squad vs. Blackwater (Loss/5-0) / vs. Sith (Win/4-1) / vs. Wardens (Loss/3-4) / vs. Norcalia (Win/5-2)

Active Members



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Inactive Members

Honorary Members

Former Members

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