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Dee Witchdoktor laughing at all dee pinkies before her, at Melcaorme XIII.
Galya during the March of Evil at Oktoberfest 2019.

Name: Galya (pronounced 'GAUL-yuh') Grikhunter

Realm: Tir Asleen, former Dunharrow visitor

Unit: Horde

Race: Goblyn (and damn proud of it!)

Fighting Since: September 2006

Favorite Weapon Style: Board and Bat, is non-com now though

Lore Stuff
Over the years, Galya has worked tirelessly to understand and contribute to the stories of others, and to further the bulk of Goblyn Lore as a whole. While she is known as the founder of the Grikhunter clan (consisting only of Galya and her daughters, which is inherently tribe-less), her ties to the reclusive Cinderflesh tribe have been unknown until now. More will be revealed in time.

Uh-ther Stuff Tah Noh 'Bout Galya:

  • Deemed 1/3 of Clan Awesomesauce at Beltaine XV
  • Current Sysop and overall spam-killer for this fine Wiki (since June 2009)
  • Former War Council representative for Tir Asleen (January 2010-June 2012)
  • Former Secretary of Belegarth (June 2010-December 2013)
  • Horde's "mother hen" when she feels like it or someone is dying (still has that belt flag somewhere...)
  • Is really cool to hang out at Troll with (especially when the Goblyns take over)
  • Has evil Goblyn twin girls: Arkka and Reeka! Galya gets tah be mother hen ta dem too! *grinz*
  • Member of the Order of the Raised Goblet (Par's service award) as of Armageddon X
  • And has officially hit 1,000 contributions on this Wiki as of July 6th, 2011. Man, I'm on here too much.
    • Hit 2,000 contributions as of May 3rd, 2018. Oy.
    • Hit 3,000 contributions as of November 17th, 2019. Admit it, you all need me.
  • Winner of the Sexiest Wet Elbow contest at Chaos Wars XV.
  • Oh yeah, and creator of the Simplified Wiki Guide
  • Finally dubbed Sir Tenly Concerned (about your drunk ass) at Armageddon XI. Hail King Kingsford, Lord of Flame! :)

Wher Yooz Seen Her Befor:

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