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Dee Witchdoktor laughing at all dee pinkies before her, at Melcaorme XIII.

Name: Galya (pronounced 'GAUL-yuh') Grikhunter

Realm: Tir Asleen, former Dunharrow visitor

Unit: Horde

Race: Goblyn (and damn proud of it!)

Fighting Since: September 2006

Favorite Weapon Style: Board and Bat, pretty much non-com now though

Lore Stuff
Ironically, Galya has never really focused on her own personal lore. Beyond the forming of the Grikhunter clan (consisting only of Galya and her daughters, which is inherently tribe-less), she maintains her preference to learn and contribute to the the stories of others, and to further the bulk of Goblyn Lore as a whole. Like her predecessor Rekki, she would rather shed accolades and aid from the shadows instead. Perhaps there will be more in this section someday, but it not has been foreseen.

Uh-ther Stuff Tah Noh 'Bout Galya:

  • Deemed 1/3 of Clan Awesomesauce at Beltaine XV
  • Current Sysop and overall spam-killer for this fine Wiki (since June 2009)
  • Former War Council representative for Tir Asleen (January 2010-June 2012)
  • Former Secretary of Belegarth (June 2010-December 2013)
  • Horde's "mother hen" when she feels like it or someone is dying (still has that belt flag somewhere...)
  • Is really cool to hang out at Troll with (especially when the Goblyns take over)
  • Has evil Goblyn twin girls: Arkka and Reeka! Galya gets tah be mother hen ta dem too! *grinz*
  • Member of the Order of the Raised Goblet (Par's service award) as of Armageddon X
  • And has officially hit 1,000 contributions on this Wiki as of July 6th, 2011. Man, I'm on here too much.
    • Hit 2,000 contributions as of May 3rd, 2018. Oy.
  • Winner of the Sexiest Wet Elbow contest at Chaos Wars XV.
  • Oh yeah, and creator of the Simplified Wiki Guide
  • Finally dubbed Sir Tenly Concerned (about your drunk ass) at Armageddon XI. Hail King Kingsford, Lord of Flame! :)

Wher Yooz Seen Her Befor:

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