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If the krysh are the gnoll war chiefs, fangomas are gnoll shamans. They keep the stories that most gnolls have forgotten, and carry with them the weight of unspeakable and forbidden knowledge. All fangomas encounter Ankha in some form or another during their trials; almost all remain close to her after they are completed. In doing so, they are said to gain power from Ankha herself, be it an unearthly sight, or an ability to see into the future. These powers come at a great cost, however; it is not unusual for a fangomas initiate to be rejected by their friends, family, or even their entire clan. This power is also often paired with bouts of madness, which doesn't help their case much either. As a result, most join the Clan of the Blind Star, seeking refuge among fellow adherents of the gnoll goddess; others end up nomads, wandering and plying their craft.

Before Beginning The Fangomas Path, A Gnoll Must:

  • Be at least two years old (i.e. have spent at least two years actively characterizing as a gnoll)
  • Fashion themselves garments worthy of the station (have at least one above-average gnoll kit)
  • Have an interest in gnoll culture (including: lore, characterization, and garb)
  • Be vouched for by the broader gnoll community as a "candidate of worth"
  • Find a sponsor from the "circle of elders" (an existing fangomas, or, failing that, the lorekeeper of another race, such as a witchdoctor)

During The Fangomas Path, a Seeker Must:

  • Wear the garb they have fashioned, and keep their face painted (basically, always wear garb and paint on appropriate clan / personal warpaint)
  • Officiate, or help officiate any gnoll ceremony they attend (e.g. a collaring ceremony, appointment of krysh, etc)
  • Be available, within reason, to discuss gnoll history and culture, especially with other gnolls
  • NOT be acting krysh, or seeking the title of krysh (in other words, you can't have both titles at the same time)
  • Complete the 6 great trials of the Fangomas

The 6 Great Trials of the Fangomas Are

  • The Trial of Creation
  • The Trial of Reverence
  • The Trial of War
  • The Great Feeding
  • The Trial of Oneself
  • The Trial of Revelation

Only two trials may be completed per event, and the last four must be completed at a national event (Battle for the Ring, Armageddon, Chaos Wars, or Oktoberfest)

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