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Race: Butt Toucher 68.1.jpg
Other Titles:
- Keeper of the Dicks
- Whale Lord
- Baby Dragon
- Fading Shadow
- Faeiyeu
Realm: Andúril / Mercenary
Unit: Horde
- Feraled under Drayko in the Year of Mayhem, Battle for the Ring VII
- Awoken in the Year of Mayhem, Oktfest 2015


She touches a LOT of butts... Seriously, no one is safe. 68.1.jpg

Weapons of Choice: Spear, Bow and Arrow
Fighting Since: December 2013
Events Attended:
- Battle for the Ring: VI, VII, VIII
- The Battle of Andor: VI, VII
- Fools Raid: '14
- Anduril Spring Finale: III, IV
- Chaos Wars: XVIII (Injured), XIX, XX
- War of Wrath: '14
- Battle of Blackwater: III
- War of Silica Vale: VI
- Battle of the Sword Coast: V, VI
- Oktfest: '15
- Pentwyvern Crown War: '15
- Wolf Pack Opener: '16
- Siege of the Azure Castle '16
- Dagorhir Harmonic Convergence II
- War of Forbidding: XI

Prana'Kais Completed:
- Prana'Kai of Blood, with Rotten; Battle for the Ring VIII

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