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[[Image:Troll_and_jpg|thumb|750px|right|Left to Right: [[Troll-Person|Apprentice Troll]]
[[Image:Troll_and_Moses.jpg|thumb|750px|right|[[Troll-Person|Apprentice Troll]]]]
==Current Lineages==
==Current Lineages==

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[edit] Current Lineages

[edit] Bane of the Wyrm

Dragonslayer - Apprentice Troll

[edit] Fluff Stuff

(I'll get to this later - Rumble)

[edit] Dragonslayers

Dragonslayer and his Apprentice, Troll, started this line of fighters who are dedicated to do the downright, no-good, dirty aspects that entail being a warrior. They are not troubled by etiquette of formal duels or the aspects that most knights hold in high regard. They do not care for "proper" form or how they look doing whatever they do. They care about the job, and getting it done. There is no such thing as excess to them. They will never be satisfied with the power they currently posses, always striving for more. Seeking bigger and badder jobs, they strive to push their limits and rid the greatest monsters from their path.

They are the heroes of legend. Whenever a cruel tyrant clenches their iron fist, or some enormous beast bares its fangs, they will appear to save the day with only the defeat of their target as payment. With no mind or mention of the lives they save along the way.

If brute strength doesn't work, you're not using enough of it.

Ever Forward, Ever Upward

[edit] Apprentices

When a Dragonslayer sees promise and potential in another then he may offer to take them as an Apprentice, teaching them the Banes of the obstacles they will face on their way to the top.

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