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Full name: div
Race: goblyn
Realm: Nan Belegorn
Tir Asleen
Started: August 2002
Weapon of Choice: shade


At de edge of de world, a great, black mountain of fire dey called de bloody mother was gettin ready to explode and destroy--like--erryting (cuz she always full of rage an just hate de whole world). Pissran was flyin overhead an--just before de kaboom--some of her piss rain into de volcano an cool de lava down, but dat not stop de eruption completely. Instead, a single goblyn burst out wild-eyed an full-ass-grown. Now, dis goblyn got no twin to share her soul with, so she born crazy cuz she got a spirit meant for two goblyns always fightin inside her. Dat crazy bitch dat come from two ancient bitches be called div.



Spring Wars 03
Mel 2003
Geddon 2003
Oktoberfest 03
Spring Wars 04
Mel 2004
Geddon 2004
Oktoberfest 04
Mel 2005
Oktoberfest 05
Wolfpack Opener 06
Buttwars 06
Mel 2006
Armageddon V
Equinox 2006
Oktoberfest 06
Buttwars 07
Mel 2007
Oktoberfest 07
Wolfpack Opener 08
Buttwars 08
Mel 2008
Oktoberfest 08
Mel 2009
Oktoberfest 09
Mel 2010
CW 2010
Oktoberfest 10
Mel 2011
WW 2011
CW 2011
WW 2012
CW 2012
Oktoberfest XVII
SW 2018
Mel 2018
Monster Mash 2018
Melcaorme Five-0

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