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Fighting Name: Cookie 🍪

Titles: Resident Princess of Hellholt, Midwife of the Rocks, Sir Atonin of The Knights of Wildwood

Started Fighting: January 31, 2017

Home Realm: Hellholt, Norcalia

Fighting Style: Sword and Board, Spear

Houses: House Valkyrie, House Jedi, House Comrade

Race: Dire halfling


  • Originally given the name "Valkyrie" at her first practice
  • Though a dire halfling, she wears shoes to hide her pitifully small feet and to pass as a human
  • Crowned the Prettiest Princess at BFTR X
  • May actually be a Keebler Elf
  • Current Vice President of Hellholt
  • Indicted for witch crimes
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