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What is the Chronicler Guild

The mission of the Chroniclers Guild is to promote enrichment and preservation of the history and culture of Belegarth through the exploration of Photography, Videography, Lorecraft, History, and Bardic within the Belegarth community.

The Goal of the Chronicler Guild Is...

The mission of the Artificer Guild is to promote excellence in the arts and sciences within the Belegarth community. It accomplishes this mission by:

    1. Developing and maintaining a consistent, standardized, and formal recognition process for accomplishments in enriching and preserving the history and culture of Belegarth.
    2. Establishing a mentoring system for developing individual skills and abilities in and outside Belegarth.
    3. Inspiring members and providing them the necessary skills to share their knowledge and experience with the community.
    4. Promoting the use of videography, photography, history-keeping, lore-making, and bardic skills to further enrich and preserve the history and culture of Belegarth.

Guild Membership Information

How to Join

Belt flag for members

Any member of BCMS may join the Chronicler Guild. To do so you must:

1) Introduce yourself to the Guild on the Facebook group OR introduce yourself to a Guild Council member. Either way, you must provide this information:

  • Your name
  • Your realm and unit (if applicable)
  • Years in Belegarth
  • Any notable projects you're proud of
  • Your reason for joining and what you want to learn

2) Edit the member table below to include your fighting name, realm, and focus. You may request someone do this on your behalf if necessary.

Becoming an Vassal

Those wishing to become Guild Vassals should contact their local Guild Mentors, Journeymen, or Guild Council.

Becoming an Apprentice

Those wishing to become Guild Apprentices should fill out the following form.

To Be Considered for Master Status Now

Many individuals in Belegarth are already masters in various areas of the arts and sciences, and have been for some time. In recognition of this the Artificer Guild welcomes you to submit a portfolio detailing your work, and a tutorial demonstrating some aspect of your craft, to the following email address:

Here are the requirements for being recognized as a master:

Guild Council Members

Name Fighting Name Realm Primary Art/Skill Secondary Art/Skill Status
Thomas Poole Sir Calarn Tir Asleen Armorcraft Garb Mentor - Active
Brian Leatherby Sir Farrin Dunharrow Music Mentor - Active
Adam Jolliff Sir Fox Wolfpack Mentor - Active
Ian Matanguihan Sir Kyrian Hawksword Nomad Garb/Leatherworking Embroidery/Weaponsmithing Mentor - Active
Swan Sheridan Xooyan Andor Sewing Mentor - Active
Elizabeth Matanguihan Master Sir Sorcia Januri Alathea the Matriarch Nomad Garb/Sewing Embroidery Master - Retired
Aaron Doerder Sir Peter the Quick Numenor Jewelry All manner of crafting Mentor - Active
Ellie Apland Master Lady Armstrong Numenor Sewing Master - Active
Matthew Litster Bacchus Sunspear Sewing/Applique Weaponsmithing/Plastidip Mentor - Active
Shayne Delavan Sir Rem DeLavan Rath Illustration/Calligraphy Sewing Mentor - Active
Laura Jolliff Master Faline Northlands Sewing Machine Embroidery Master - Active
Katherine Berman Master Anij Kalish Stygia Sewing Inkle Weaving/Lucet Master - Active

Guild Members on the Path

Name Rank Realm Primary Art/Skill Secondary Art/Skill Studying Under
Caleidah Apprentice Nightfort Leatherworking Sewing/Weaponsmithing Dragoon Ralimar
Shagrath Apprentice Dunharrow Musician Recorder/Lyrics & poetry Sir Farrin
Drexis Apprentice Überwald Musician Leather/Maille/Garb/Woodworking/Crafting Seeking
Tress Apprentice Muxlovia Sewing Millinery/Leatherworking Xooyan
Otacon Apprentice Thorondor Weaponsmithing Undecided Sir Kyrian
Calewin Grix Apprentice Knightfall Plastidip Sewing & Character Drawing/concepts Sir Fox
Melannen Apprentice Dunharrow Sewing Foam Smithing Sir Peter the Quick
Nysa Apprentice Pyke Sewing Leatherworking Dragoon Ralimar
Dame Volpin Apprentice Numenor Sewing Design Sir Peter the Quick
Xyston Apprentice Thunder Guard Leatherworking Garb making/weapon building Sir Fox
Old Horse Apprentice Umbar Crafting Leatherworking Master Lady Armstrong
Sita Apprentice Anduril Sewing/Leatherworking Chainmaile/Metal Working Sir Kyrian
Sir Bran Apprentice Albion Sewing Applique/Embroidery Master Lady Armstrong
Alyna Vassal Shannara Sewing Leatherwork Journeyman Anij Kalish
Sven the Skallywag Apprentice Shannara Bard Maille, Leather Warmaster Bacchus
Hrist Apprentice N/A Sewing/Applique Weaving Master Lady Armstrong
Miriam Magnuson Apprentice Hybrasil Design Drawing/Painting/Designing/Applique/Embroidery/Archery Master Lady Armstrong
Porthos Apprentice Minas Ithil Leatherwork Persona Studies Master Faline
Sabre Apprentice Carthage Sewing Applique/Embroidery Master Faline
Kaia Prime Apprentice Sunspear Bellydancing Sewing/Leatherworking Sir Rem DeLavan
Laeta Apprentice Kamigawa Sewing Embroidery/Bardic Sir Rem DeLavan
Bowser Apprentice Sand Plains Leatherwork Sewing/Garb Sir Calarn
Brother Maynard Apprentice Ebonhold Woodworking Sewing/Cooking/Laser Cutting/Calligraphy Sir Rem DeLavan

Current Members

Name Rank Realm Primary Art/Skill Secondary Art/Skill Studying Under
Brutus Member Riverbend Leatherworking Undecided n/a
Derian Member Nan Belegorn Leatherworking Sewing/Weaponsmithing n/a
Ursyne Member Beornve Characterization Crafting n/a
Antoinette Member Thunder Guard Beadwork Lore Writing n/a
Sir Torry Member Numenor n/a
Sir Beauregaurd Member Rhun Weaponsmithing Knife Making n/a
Argent Member Tir Asleen Weaponsmithing Sewing n/a
Thiadric Thumbs Member Stygia Drawing/painting Sewing/Weaponsmithing n/a
Sir Horati Member Ered Duath Chainmaille Leatherwork/Weaponsmithing n/a
Ravioli McPastalot Member Frozen North Leatherworking-Armor Undecided n/a
Sir Skydd Member Dunharrow Leatherworking Sewing n/a
Kiro Member Numenor Weaponsmithing Sewing n/a
Matron Chibi Member Tir Asleen Chainmaille Cooking n/a
Ashley Member Nan Belegorn Embroidery/Sewing n/a n/a
Karissa d'ann Member Andor Sewing/Embroidery Foamforgeing/Scribeing n/a
Bohne Member Numenor Design Drawing n/a
Carrot Member Sand Plains Sewing Weaving n/a
Sir Húrin Member Numenor Weaponsmithing Leatherworking n/a
Mint Member Sand Plains Weaponsmithing Plastidip/Brewing n/a
Eternitie Member Nomad Sewing/Crochet Writing n/a
Ezada Nimai Member Riverbend Knitting/crochet and Design, Sewing & Embroidery n/a
Mara Member Muxlovia Leatherworking/Sewing Crochet & Embroidery n/a
Korbin the Mad Member Arnor Weaponsmithing/Sewing Leatherworking/Writing/Music n/a
Eshu Member Rhun Sewing/Embroidery Knitting/Crochet n/a
Pip Member Armored Penguins Sewing/Applique Painting n/a
Deor Member Rhun Musician (various) A lot of stuff... n/a
Lons Member Rath Weapon Smithing Sewing n/a
Centi Member Minas Ithil Sewing/Leatherworking Design/Foam Smithing/Chainmaille n/a
Artemis Member Elysium Sewing n/a n/a
Yzma Member Anduril Leathercraft Historical Cooking n/a
Smidge Member Stygia Sewing Weaponsmithing n/a
Sir Thorin Member Numenor Woodworking n/a n/a
Prysm Stormfallen Member Nomad - Forsaken Tailor Milliner n/a
The Unicorn Member Nomad Tailor Pattern-making n/a
Jacks Member Avalon Music Sewing n/a
Squire Marik Member Dragon Town Plastidip/Foam-Smithing Leatherworking/Jewelry n/a
Sir Whilhem Member Khador Woodwork Armorer n/a
Ojai Sylvair Member Dur Demarion Sewing/Jewelry Historical Cooking n/a
Tai Lung Member Ered Duath Chainmaille Leathercraft n/a
Squire Moxk Member Dunharrow Leathercraft Sewing n/a

Other Information

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