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Chirp Sharpbeak

Fighting Name: Chirp Sharpbeak

Sir Cumvent of Knights of Wildwood

Mundane Name: Zane Baker

Started Fighting: January 21, 2018

Realm Started in: Sunspear

Current Realm: Sunspear

Fighting Style: long boi and short boi, archery, screeching at pinkys, sword and board, pecking

Current Units: none

Date Joined Current Unit: n/a

Former Unit: n/a

Houses: House Comrade

Race: Tengu

Interesting Facts: Lover of Breb. Thinks the rude pinkys taste the best (especially on Breb). Got punched in the face by a Silverhelm (it was tight). Loves to collect trophies even if they're not feathers.


Chirp started off life as most birds in nature do: as a small chick. Being the last born to a family that already bore three children, they didn’t stand much of a chance to survive childhood. However, as fratricide is nearly instinctual in tengu at this point after many years of bloodshed, the first time they killed off one of their siblings came rather early in life. By this point, though, they were too malnourished to gain the colorful plumage that tengu value so very much. Despite their grey feathers, they were able to move up into the third caste from killing their sibling and absorbing their destiny. They worked for quite a while spearing fish for their tribe, but eventually grew tired of the mistreatment they received both for being a greyfeather and a simple laborer. So, they set off to earn their advancement to the second caste. It was a hard fight, but Chirp emerged on top, removing some of their fallen brother’s feathers as a token of their victory. Merchant life was… simple. Chirp made flutes crafted from hollow bone (don’t ask where they got them). But, despite the mainly simple life, they also struggled because of their lack of colorful feathers, attracting more thieves to their stalls along with the most uptight of tengu avoiding their wares. Eventually, they again grew tired of their place in the world, growing restless with a desire for more. One day, they set off to track down their eldest, and last remaining, sibling. Upon finding her, they both engaged in battle. Chirp was left on the brink of death after a long, hard fight… but their lift was spared in exchange for a vow to never return to the Divers. Effectively exiled, Chirp joined up with a nomadic tribe of birds: the Ash Walkers. They wandered the isle with them, helping hunt for food and also fighting off colorful tengu from other tribes when they aggressors against them (or other members of their tribe). Each kill they get they take a couple feathers from their enemy’s fallen body, and sew them onto their clothing. Still dissatisfied, however, Chirp was keeping an ear out for the rare arrival of a trade ship that dared to venture to the Isle. As soon as one was in their reach they paid the crew to take them to the mainland. On the ship that night, Chirp discovered bread. The isle has bread, of course, but it is always cold, hard, and dry. This bread was warm, soft, and crumbled just perfectly. Something one of the pinkys on board called “sourdough”. Every night, Chirp joyously indulged in the bread they were provided, and even then snatched up extra pieces when they thought no one was watching.

Events Attended:

  • Siege of Sunspear 2018
  • Holt Onto Your Butts 2018
  • Siege of Sunspear 2018
  • Harvest Massacre 2018
  • War of Wrath 2018
  • Battle for the Ring 2019
  • Crash at Kord's Place the Curse of the Lost Snake
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