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What is this category for?

Copied from Talk: Antoinette

Hey Antoinette. Do you know why we still have a "Category:Blank/Joke Entries"? I was trying to figure out why blank & joke were combined, and seems like the only reason is because it's for "joke" pages which shouldn't be on the wiki, not pages that happen to be funny/jokes/historical.

Thoughts? I think if we want to keep it, it should be changed to "Category:Blank" (Or Category:Blank Entries, or something similar.) ~ Rasheab

P.S. Hmm, on second thought, perhaps it's for entries that don't exactly add value to the wiki (to put it politely), but we don't want to delete? Anyway, what are your thoughts for the category? I don't think it's intended for pages which happen to be tongue-in-cheek (Knights of Wildwood perhaps being a good example).


Nope, I have no idea why we still have it. I would ask Derian. Also, you know I have an email you could have emailed this too right?

Additional Responses

I agree with Rasheab that we should have a Category: Blank. We could additionally have a Category: Humor for articles that are primarily humorous, light-hearted, and joking. I'd be glad to help move blank entries over (but I'd like to avoid humor entries for several weeks).

--Shapeshiftress Wafer (talk) 13:19, 20 March 2018 (CDT)

Additionally, I have not seen the Chevron of Chicanery used in recent articles. I'm concerned that this is because of the connotation of chicanery.
--Shapeshiftress Wafer (talk) 17:28, 20 March 2018 (CDT)
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