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Placeholder for the lore of the prime elves. Below is what's leftover from the original Elf entry.

None of it is 'official lore'. It's the ruins of a lost civilization.
We couldn’t identify anyone who was attached to it.
But it's reference material from which the prime elves could build.

Google Doc with Galya's Elf history according to Monsterdom:


General Description

Elves are a race of semi-divine beings of human stature who are friendly with nature and animals. Although the álfar of Norse mythology has influenced the concept of elves in fantasy, the elves are different from Norse and the traditional elves found in Middle Ages folklore and Victorian era literature. Elves have a varied history in Belegarth with some being more akin to the Eldar of Middle-Earth, some being kin to Elves of Alagaësia, some kin to the Asur, Asrai and Druchii, while some are native to the land of Belegarth itself. Elves have pointed ears, are generally beardless (although some Elf-lords of Eldar decent grow beards in their Twilight Age), relatively tall and generally lithe in build.


The modern English word elf derives from the Old English word ælf (which has cognates in all other Germanic languages). Numerous types of elves appear in Germanic mythology, the West Germanic concept appears to have come to differ from the Scandinavian notion in the early Middle Ages, and Anglo-Saxon concept diverged even further, possibly under Celtic influence.


  • Eldar
  • Asur
  • Asrai
  • Druchii

General History

Elves in Belegarth have as long and complicated of a history as that of Men. Some elves found themselves in the Land of Belegarth by unknown forces. Some came through the void, either looking for adventure or fleeing death and destruction. Some are native to the land of Belegarth, formed by the same great powers that formed the Elves of other realms.

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