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Names Calidriel
Race Syren
Part-Elf Aasimar (formerly)
Gender I won't assume
Personal Colors somewhere in the visible spectrum
Home Korriban
Equipment Sets Archery
probably trying to shank people with arrows

Calidriel “Reinhardt” Lightwood was an Aasimar child born to a half elf and an elf and blessed by a celestial trickster. Growing up he was captivated by the idea freedom and chaos of the seas but having been born in far inland he would have to work his way there, so he took up training under a knight of high prestige named Reinhardt, easily convincing him because who wouldn’t want to train an Aasimar warrior.

Calidriel eventually took his training and the name of his teacher and set out as a mercenary/bounty hunter working his way to the sea while still enjoying the parties amenities of knights that he was hired to fight alongside. He always prided himself on standing out amongst the crowd with unique armor.

When he eventually got to the sea he reveled in the life of a pirate enjoying every aspect of it the smell of the sea, the chaos of battle, the beautiful site of a burning ship sinking beneath the waves after being outclassed, but most of all Calidriel loved the riches and drinking, the air of freedom and the simple way of life. At one point his shipmates betrayed him to band of pirates willing to pay a hefty price to have a captive Aasimar. So after a long night of drinking and taking some tiefling horn his shipmates jumped and shackled him and handed him over in exchange for a hefty payment. While sailing of with their prize the pirates heard the call of the syren lured by the song with lust. While below in the brig Cal heard the song as a promise to be one with the chaos of the sea and chance to get revenge on those who betrayed him. As the ship crashed against the rocks the pirates we’re filled with fear as the syrens swarmed them devouring them slaughtering every last one of them and as he watched Calidriel was amazed at the power that was being promised to him. The blood clouded the water as the ship sunk into the waves as the syrens dragged him to the depths to preform the drowning his wings caught and tore on the jagged pieces of he screamed from the pain his lungs filled with the bloody water his vision wained back and forth as the wreckage got further and further away once it was but a dot in the distance he lost consciousness.

He awoke floating before a council of what could only be described as the beautiful power of the seas darkness fangs, tentacles, teeth not just meant to kill and devour but inflict pain and suffering. There was a pressure there both from the deep and just the presence of the creatures. The creatures shrouded in darkness spoke in a booming voice: “You who have a heart filled with vengeance, chaos and a lust for more we offer you a chance to gain power and second chance at life, a chance to kill those that betrayed you with the rage of a typhoon, a chance to embrace the chaos of the waves, a chance to devour all that life offers and more. All this we offer you and all you must vow in return is to kill and devour those that betrayed and abandoned you and sold you for a but a heap of gold. Do you agree to become a harbinger of the ocean's hunger?”

Calidriel nodded his head and tried to verbally agree as hid mouth was full of water the tearing on his wings still hurting . At his agreement he felt them combining his being with that of a prehistoric beast fitting for one as unique as an Aasimar he could feel the scales growing from his skin and his teeth sharpening into weapons meant for tearing. What was left of his wings receded into his back leaving a stump and a few jagged feathers remaining. When the transformation was complete they gripped his arms tightly and he felt a burning sensation as a band was burned into each one suddenly he could breathe again and he hungered for flesh.

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