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In 2016 Byzantium experienced a sharp decline in participation and was closed down with a Sjaund. Another group called the City of Bree will be operating in same place under different leadership.


Contact: Matthew Stearns/Ducky McFeelgood at if you have any questions.

History: Byzantium was founded in 2002 by four Legionaries of House Manticore along with a few others at the time. In its early days, they held the field and the group participated in primarily Amtgard with some Dagorhir. Around 2005, Amtgard died and the group went fully into a Dagorhir/Belegarth full contact fighting. Practice usually has roughly 15 to 30 participants.

Companys: Legion of House Manticore, Varangian Guard of House Manticore, Bloodhorde, Arangweth Of Mirkwood, Drentha Forath, Nemesis, Clan Hydra

The park accepts all fighters who can legally fill out a wavier/are over 16 (14 to 16 are allowed to duel and do small battles only).


Byzantium Opener (Spring)

Byzantium Anniversary (Fall)

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