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Bodmin shows off his awesomeness at Buttwars 06


Like all tribes of Hat Trolls, the Bloodface tribe is named after its founder.

This tribe was started by an amazing hat troll named Bloodface. He earned his name because when he goes into battle, he beats his opponents into pulp with his own forehead until his face is covered in blood. In recognition of this, Bloodface tribe members incorporate lots of red in their facepaint, which can become very elaborate.

Bloodface is so strong that even the sun is affraid of him. The sun hides behind clouds and refuses to come out whenever it sees his terrible face. Wherever Bloodface goes, he walks under a dark cloud. This makes him and his tribe very happy because they dont need to wear hats as long as they are near him.

Long ago, Bloodface wandered off and hasnt been seen since. When a storm is on the horizon, the Bloodface tribe gets excited, as they hope it heralds the return of their leader.

Bloodface tribe members:

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