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Fighting Name: Bigbi Hammerfist

Real Name: Adam

Race: Dwarf

Realm: Abraxas

  • Realm Rank: Full member

Fighting Style: Sword and Board

Started Fighting: 2018


Events Attended

Character Lore

Born into the great Hammerfist Clan, Bigbi had an extreme advantage just due to his birth compared to other dwarfs. The second born son to his father master blacksmith Snorri and his mother Gergendra. Bigbi's station within the Clan and the great hold of Kar-ak-var was already set in stone. But like all dwarfs as a beardling he was encouraged by his parents and clan to leave the hold and explore the wider world before coming back to his home and taking his position among his clansmen. Early in his travels he hired on as a caravan guardsmen traveling from city to city. This employment offered his the perfect opportunity to travel the road, meet new people and bring honor to his clan and ancestors. The road was typically peaceful with only the rare attack on the caravan. There were 2 attacks during his tenure as a guard that had some importance to Bigbi. The first being an ambush by a group of orks attacked and caught the caravan completely by surprise. The scouts were taken out without giving warning. The ambush was masterfully executed by the foul orks. During the initial charge while Bigbi had his back turned fighting off 2 orks a 3rd crept up on him but before the foul beast could deliver a fatal blow Bolad struck him down. After the fight that left 3/4 of the guard dead, Bigbi spoke to Bolad about his deed and then promised to help protect him going forward. From there a friendship was born.

The second ambush had a much different outcome, the caravan was traveling through the woods loaded with goods to sell at the next city when a wood elf suddenly appeared in the road. Bigbi now being the captain of the guard wearily approached the elf but soon learned he was there to help. The wood elf's name was Tome and he was there to warn of an ambush a mile up the road that was waiting for them. This time it was human bandits that wanted their goods. With this warning Bigbi, the wood elf Tome, Bolad and a few other guards were able to turn the tables and surprise the guards. They were able to sneak up on the bandits and ambush the ambushes. By the end of the fight the bandits were all slain leaving the caravan safe and making the road a safer place for any other travelers heading this way. That night for his aid and warning Bigbi and the caravan feasted with Tome the wood elf. And extending a tentative hand in friendship. Tome returned the gesture and gave the caravan master free travels through his woods and told him of a few signs he should always be wary of to avoid disaster in his domain. Through out the next few years while the Caravan made it's way through the woods from city to city Tome would make an occasional appearance to see how the road was or to help kill a group of bandits that would worked the path they walked.

After years if caravan guard duty Bolad had become a man of middle years and finally earned enough money to start his family. Bigbi and Bolad always fought along side one another and had each others back. When Bolad finally decided to leave the caravaning life and start his family it was Bigbi who left with him to lend a helping hand. Between the 2 of them they were able to open up a tavern they named the foamy keg and sold the best ale for leagues around. While running the foamy keg tavern Bolad met the love and his wife and they quickly had a son, who they named Yeshua Schusef now Bigbi was basically an uncle to the new child helping to raise him right. After 10 years running the tavern Bigbi decided it was time for him to return to his home and clan. Along the journey back he encountered no troubles and was welcomed back with cheers and a feast in his honor. Bigbi then started his apprenticeship under his father as a new blacksmith for the clan and has since then worked to master his skills in the creation or arms and armor for his clans warriors. It was only recently that his skill with weapons were recognized and Bigbi began to train with the regular warriors as well as continue his blacksmithing. To this day at Kar-ak-var Bigbi is slowly but surely climbing the ranks as one of the greatest blacksmiths of his generation.

How I started Fighting

It all started with my bachelor party. Tome and Yeshua planned it all out. I wanted to try out the sport by crafting some own weapons and spending the evening sparring. And it was a total blast. Surprisingly, we completed 2 moderately safe weapons in the day. We were joined by veteran fighters Anarchles, Pale Nomad and Dylan who loaned us weapons and helped us have fun in a safe way. I fell absolutely in love with the sport, and in just a couple months we as a group sunk our teeth into starting the realm of Abraxas.

How The Name "Bigbi Hammerfist" Came About

I've been a huge nerd my entire life, and way back when I first started playing Warhammer Fantasy the first army I started with were the Dwarfs. As a fun project I eventually created a family tree for the clan and Bigbi of the clan Hammerfist was born. Since then it has been my go to make for dwarfs that I make for DND or Pathfinder games. So it was just a natural name for me to use.

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