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Trevelyan's fighting name has since changed to "Big Jimmy" or possibly "Big Friggin' Jimmy." This is because only a hand full of people ever called him Trevelyan anyway.

Real Name: Jimmy Tullis
Realm: Dunharrow
Favorite Style: Sword and Board, Spear

Fighting since April of 2001

In June of 2001 he joined the Realm of Wildwood, back before it was a joke (well, it was still a joke, just not like it is now.) He was a member of Wildwood for 4 1/2 years before leaving the realm to join Dunharrow, because well, as a realm Wildwood is about as dead as it gets. No bad blood there.

He's unitless, and always has been other than a short stint in Legion at the tale end of the '01 season (Hey, we all make mistakes right?). He doesn't like units.

Or at least he didn't. Jimmy (I) still do(es)n't like the CONCEPT of units. I think they hurt the game by becoming clique-ish. I'm a commander of Clan of the Hydra now though. I figured out one day that what I was looking for was simply a group that was humble. Clan of the Hydra is the most humble group of individuals I've ever met. We're not rowdy, we're not gonna stumble into your camp drunk, we don't pull shenanigans (though we might convince other groups to ;)) We don't shove it in your face when we win, we don't mind it if we lose. We try to always be the better man.

Plus, we have Bo, and you don't. :p

He took off the entire '04, and the first half of the '05 season citing reasons like "work" and "Lying evil women." But he's back now.

Total fighting time is about 9 years.

"Gather round boys and girls and i'll tell you the story of a man. A man called jimmy.
Wherever theres a bunch of guys sitting around at Dennys without a good conversation. Why, Jimmy will be there to save the day.
Wherever theres a chatroom that needs some livening up with some good old timey religous talk. Why, jimmy will be there too.
And wherever theres a really annoying girl thats kind of prudish and loud and did i mention annoying? Well, Jimmys there too, to creep said girl out.

Basically, Jimmy is a man, a man of the people."

Events attended:
Lewendewa (spelling) '01 (Event only took place once) Octfest '01
Pack Winter Opener '01
Octfest '02
Pack Winter Opener '02
Octfest '03
Pack Winter Opener '03
Pack Winter Opener '06
Spring Wars '06
Melcaorme '06
Dunharrow Minievent '06
'Geddon '06
Loderia Minievent '06
Slums Minievent '06
Muxlovia Minievent '06
(no longer counting mini's) Equinox '06
Octfest '06
Pack Opener '07
Spring Wars '07
Melcaorme '07
Geddon '07 (weekend)
Octfest '07
Rhun Closer '07
Pack Opener '08
Spring War '08
Melcaorme '08
'Geddon '08
Octfest '08
Pack Opener '09
Spring Wars '09
'Geddon '09
Octfest '09
Pack Opener '10
Spring Wars '10
'Geddon '10
Octfest '10
Rhun Closer '10
Pack Opener '11
Spring Wars '11
'Geddon '11

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