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Scrapper looking angry...grr
  • Fighting Name: Scrapper
  • Mundane Name: Shannon Marie
  • Unit: Clan of the Hydra
  • Realm: Rhûn
  • Titles:
    • Web Ruler of Rhûn
    • Hydra Guard
    • Secretary of Belegarth (12/07- )
  • Preferred Equipment:
    • Long sword
    • Sword and Shield

Scrapper got her name after a friend saw her fight and said, "You're not very good, but you're scrappy." She began fighting near the inception of Clan of the Hydra and saw its move to Madison and its transformation into a unit. After retiring for a year to tend to "real life," Scrapper visited the first annual Rhûn Closer and couldn't stay away any longer. Currently she is training under Sir Beauregaurd to become a better fighter and is working hard to give back to the sport that has given her so much.

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