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Yuan-Ti are known to be half man half snake who are currently extinct.



The Yuan-Ti lived in a temple. The temple was underground where nobody can find it for specific reasons. It was built where only the Yuan-Ti and other reptile races were allowed in there. If anyone else tried to enter, no one else will come out alive.


The Yuan-Ti had no emotions whatsoever. They didn't believe in any gods. The age of a Yuan-Ti lived long like the dinosaurs did. They may have been quiet when they fight, but when they win, the hiss to victory. When they entered to battle, they were as sneaky as a snake that hides in the bush. The Yuan-Ti preferred not to talk to anyone except for their allies.


When it came to warfare, the Yuan-Ti would not hesitate but to permanently kill their enemies. They were not to be underestimated in war. The Yuan-Ti would pick and use any weapons they want to use at war.


The appearance of the Yuan-Ti is based on a snake head with a human body. Some of them tend to have a cobra like hood on them.

Known Yuan-Ti's

None. Feel free to create this race as you choose! Just please respect the already established racial signifiers of other scaled creatures such as Lizardmen, Dragons, and Deep Ones.

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