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Full Name: Yaga Benyah Xoshawv Thistle-Fang

Race: Gnoll

Realm: The Vale

Former Lord of the Hunt

Assassinated by Yaga Malark

Benyah Xoshawv Thistle-Fang was the founder of The Great Hunt and the first Yaga. An obscure religious figure from the fringes of the known world, he nonetheless had immeasurable influence on the spiritual aspect of monster culture, most of all through his only disciple: Yaga Malark.

He composed the Dread Verse, an collection of poetry inspired by the Dread Gods, shortly before his assassination. This legendary tome is said to contain whispers of the dark deities themselves, their voices echoing through the words found on this most unholy pages. Reading it can invite insanity, reciting it out loud can be lethal to both reader and listener. In all cases, contact with this book brings violence and madness, and only the devotees of the Dread Gods can encounter it with no ill effect.

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