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Witch Doctors within Vale Culture

In remote areas, such as where The People of the Vale reside, the local witch doctor serves addtional duties such as the priestly overseeing of rites, divination concerning hunting and water aquisition, and the recommendation of herbal medicine. Especially important in Forest Troll culture, the witch doctor is a pivotal part of the community and is usually chosen by some sign of the Dread Gods. Such witch doctors are often involved in The Great Hunt as an act of devotion and as a means of attaining greater status and power.

Witch Doctors as Unit Members

A Witch Doctor on the battlefield is a terrible sight. Often addled on harsh herbs and potent potions, the Witch Doctor filled with battle ecstasy is a fearsome opponent. Equipped to do the same to his unit mates, he also calls on the powers of his Dread Gods and divines the plans of the enemy. Although distrusted and often marginalized by general civilized society, Witch Doctors serve a viable force in war.

Witch Doctor - Priest

Yaga Malark

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