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When: May 12-14th, 2011
Where: Beacon Rock (State Park), WA
Fees: $30 pre-reg, $35 at troll. (This includes Saturday food.)

Pre-Reg opens April 1st. Check or money required to arrive by May 6th; Paypal open till May 10th.

There will also be a donation box for future Western Wars, with the long term goal of purchasing property for events.

Age Limits: (all waivers available onsite, or in advance through contacting Huma)

18+ - Adult Waiver
16+ - Minor Waiver + Parent or Guardian onsite
14+ - As Minor, and at sole discretion of Event Coordinator

Host: Huma
Link: Western Wars VIII thread Link: Facebook Western Wars VIII

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Weapon Restrictions: Bows will -not- be allowed this year, because of park rules.
Food: Saturday morning breakfast will be provided (TBD). Saturday night will be feast (food tbd).
Sleeping: There are camping spaces and bunk beds available. Those coming from afar will have priority on bunk space. Please contact Huma for details.

Da Law: Being a state park, law enforcement will be present sporadically during the event. As such, bring unmarked containers and use good discretion in personal activities.

War Council: The second Western Wars war council will be hosted this year. It will be short and informal, and any realm in attendance may participate. The goal will be to discuss the direction that Belegarth in the Pacific Northwest is taking, and where it should go in the future. A time limit will be imposed if needed.


TROLL will be open from 10am to 4pm

Thursday: Arrival; no official fighting, so no weapons check. Fight at your own risk.
Friday: TBD
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: Event is over; leave by 1pm.

Classes will be (presumably) offered by Huma on weapon checking and heralding, for those who would like to learn how to do either.

Individuals in Attendance: 80ish

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