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Fighting since: 2005
Weapon(s) of Choice: Sword and Board
Unit: Brotherhood of the Falcon
Race: Bugbear
Current Realm: Rath (The Black Tundra)
Other Titles: Hidewalker, recipient of the Order of the Raised Goblet, current Evincar, current President of Belegarth

They say the manner of one's birth oft tells much of their life to come. What can be said then for one whom the rage of the earth was the water of his birth, and the molten stone his mother's milk? All have heard tale of the Bugbears, monsters born of wherever their fathers see fit to sow their seed, their births always violent and always defining.

One such birth took place on the day of Sundering, when the great mountain rent itself apart amid melting stone and flowing rivers of flame, the skies turned black in mourning of the great mountains death and respect of her firstborn. Marjack attended the infant Bugbear, as he did all his beloved creations, marking him upon his right arm as the cracking of the mountain and cries of the village far below cheered him forth into the world and gave him his first taste of the Warsong.

From the beginning, Hakan could hear the Warsong, its minor falls and the swelling lift came as easily as breathing. As he grew amongst the tribe, learning the way of the sword and the cultures of his people, he came to know that few would ever hear the Warsong's music but that all must dance to it's rhythm. Hakan knew the Warsong for what it was, a hymn to father Marjack, greatest and eldest, maker of all things; He knew that the sundering of steel, cracking of bone, and woeful cries of his enemies would be the instruments with which he must weave his opus; And so, when he had come of age and was strong of mind and arm, he left the tribe and walked across the desert following the whispers of the song.

Every battle along the way was but another line in the verse of his masterpiece; Every clash, scream, roar, twanging bow, thundering catapult, gurgling death knell, just another instrument in the orchestra. Some scoff at the idea of a Bugbear, of all things, being driven by the thundering of music betwixt his ears.. but all the same he was. With every fight won he heard the song more and more clearly, seeking more and harder won battles, letting the Warsong draw him from place to place.

In time he had left behind the arid steppe, crossed the snowy mountains, and entered a flatland of lush grass and far-spanning trees. These lands of Numenor, as he would come to find they were called, served as a proving ground of sorts. Here he increased his knowledge of the shield, and wet his proverbial tongue with the blood of men. He walked beside a mercenary band, long forgotten, called the House of Valdemar for a time before the call of his Warsong grew quiet there and called him to other lands.

From Numenor he made his way west, into the lands called the Dominion of the Unconquered Sun; It was with great pleasure that he sought to change that name. Alas, the song of this place too began to wane and twist, pushing his feet once more to the westward and into another desert. In this desert the sands sung their own song of forlorn despair and empty waste, here Hakan took to rest his tired feet for a season, and focused on the training of his mind rather than his body. Soon enough the time would come once more to set onward north into the mountains.

Perhaps, given his "mother" it should count as little surprise that Hakan felt most at home among the towering snow-capped titans of stone, the lands surrounding the Dread Gate seemed to fill him with a fervent spirit he'd once thought lost amongst his travels. The Warsong, which sang gently in most places, seemed to scream in this new land; It was this that told him this place would be his home for many years. The Warsong has since faded once more in the lands of the Lotus and Hakan has moved on to the land of Rath.

For a time Hakan fought amongst the band of Orcs, Trolls, and even another Bugbear called the Western Uruk-Hai. He waged their wars, spilled the blood of their enemies, and made their warriors strong. During this period, the Warsong led him to seek the tutelage of their Shaman Soo Ma Tai in the ways of what he called "Warmasters."

As an Apprentice Hakan learned to fine tune the power of his swings, and how to fight with grace and speed instead of relying solely upon his explosive power. He crafted weapons and armour, faced strong opponents in duels, and continued to etch new verses into the Warsong with every passing day.

As he progressed through his apprenticeship, however, the Western Uruk-Hai's tribe no longer felt like home and with a solemn goodbye he left their ranks. Free of distraction, Hakan took to his apprenticeship with a new fervour, laying waste to the final requirements set before him.

It is fitting then that in his third year of being an apprentice, Soo Ma Tai named him the Third of the Warmaster line. Hakan now finds himself with a new band of Brothers, the Brotherhood of the Falcon, rending their enemies and gaining accolades to their name, ever mindful of the ringing Warsong within his ears and the glory of Marjack he sews upon the battlefield.

In real life Hakan is a giant nerd named Z, whose love of swinging stick is rivaled only by his love of good friends and playing video games. And Food.

Hakan's been fighting since somewhere around the borderline of 2005-2006, with Wolfpack Opener 2006 being his first big event. He's lived, and swung stick, in a lot of different places including Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, Montana, and now Idaho!

Hakan spends a lot of his non-field time at events either at weapons check making sure you don't break each other or heralding doing pretty much the same thing. Another big part of his time in recent years is spent teaching and sparring around, so if you have a question don't be hesitant to ask!

Intense staring is intense.
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