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formerly known as Nogitsune

Vulx ready for battle
A Vulx with its prey


Vulx are a Barbaric fox creature born in time of war. (TIP: When reading the lore think human into orc based off of lord of the rings. Originally from something but Born a completely different hellaciuous thing)


Vulx are seen as evil abominations of nature that have taken a fox-like form. Vulx are born in times of war, chaos, and destruction. Vulx have a ten day period in which they become completely mature. A Vulx, even with its short maturing span, live very longs lives. Kitsune and Vulx despise each other by nature. Humans are terrified of the nightmarish creatures that hunt and torture them in the night. They have become extremely wise and intelligent beings over time, and experts in war and torture. Vulx feed off of chaos, pain, and destruction which, makes them stronger. They eat the organs and flesh of humans and other creatures for food. Children and babies are a delicacy among the Vulx. Modern day Vulx, like their late ancestors, love to cause mischief and use trickery. When they are born they are branded on their forehead, which signifies that they are enemies of Inari and those who follow her. It is not uncommon for them to join groups with evil intentions. It is also quite common to find them joining wars simply for the chaos and destruction it brings. They enjoy being a part of such things. Vulx tend to live in packs or groups of creatures, with the occasional independent ones. Vulx can earn tails by completing a task or committing heinous crimes of great significance. No Vulx has more than 9 tails. Vulx Have a weakness to religious figures. The reason behind this is unknown. However it is said to have to do with Inari and the war Akame started.

Origin/ Lore:

Long ago, there was a Kitsune by the name of Akame. Abandoned by Inari herself, and the keepers of her shrines, Akame had grown to despise the goddess and her affiliates. Inari had sensed evil of a corruptive nature in Akame. This made her unsuitable as a priestess. Akame declared war against Inari and the shrine priestess, LaLuna, a human girl. The fact that she was replaced as shrine priestess by a human only served to further Akame’s steadily growing rage. It was offensive to be replaced by a human, as humans have never been given the honor of being an Inari shrine priestess. Akame, feeling betrayed and absolutely enraged, burned down the shrine she had once lived in, in declaration of war. Akame and LaLuna had both acquired followers. Akame's all being Kitsune whom also despised Inari, and LaLuna’s being a mix of human and Kitsune. This war lasted several years.

During the middle of the war, the Kitsune population was thinning. Akame was losing the battle. In these times, Akame enforced that her soldiers breed to repopulate the dwindling number of Kitsune soldiers. What came of those births were not Kitsune, however. They were quite similar to Kitsune, but there were also quite a few distinct differences among the offspring created within Akame’s army. These creature were born with three tails, and pronounced teeth. Their fur colors came in black, sliver *grey and black* and red. As the creatures grew they seemed to be stronger and more ruthless. When feeding off of the chaos and pain of those around them, they would become even more diabolical. They loved war, torture, and killing. When things were calm, they would cause mischief and torture captives. Akame was thrilled with these new creatures. They were nothing like her Kitsune soldiers! The Kitsune race had become a disgrace to her. Akame had been shunned by Inari, stripping her of the one thing she could always look to for comfort and confidence in this world, her status as priestess. Due to this, she could not stand to be associated with the Kitsune who followed her, even though they shared her hatred. She no longer associated herself with the race, and simply used the Kitsune soldiers to meet her goals. She decide to call these creatures born in times of chaos, hate, pain, and destruction, the Vulx. She also identified herself as Vulx. Over the years, Vulx were all that were left of her soldiers. LaLuna was losing and tired of seeing the people and creatures that cared for her die. LaLuna finally called a truce, to which Akame declined. LaLuna refused to fight and risk any more fellow Kitsune and human lives. LaLuna said to Inari, “I am done with this. I am leaving this place even if I am stripped of my title!” Inari granted Laluna her right to stop her side of the war. She knew LaLuna had served her well, and had gone through enough for her age as a human. Inari relocated LaLuna and her followers to a different shrine. Inari decided to let the shrine become a part of the past. Akame burned down the shrine for a final time. The war ended and Akame disappeared. Even to this day, no one knows where she went. LaLuna finished her human life serving Inari by her own choice with the ones whom followed her. The Vulx stayed together, raiding villages and joining wars. This is how Vulx came to be.

Stormi Creator of Vulx


Vulx have a symbol they use to represent their race, and to show respect for Akame who started it all. The Symbol is one Akame used and had tattooed on her arm. The meaning of the symbol to her was never learned. However, it was known she held it dear.

Garb Signifiers:

  • Forehead brand (a personal symbol) MUST be painted on your forehead
  • You must have Between 3 and 9 tails. They are born with 3 and must earn the rest.
  • Eye paint in a fox like eye shape is preferred (No red to avoid confusion of being Kitsune)
  • Dark and/or earth tone colored garb
  • Asian style garb with no bright (neon) colors can be used.
  • Painting up in chosen fur color as soon as able to do so
  • Fox styled ears are preferred

Garb tip. If you are interested in this race but dont have funds for the tails, use war braids in the fur colors you choose. You can get ears on etsy for $25.

Stormi Creator of Vulx If you are interested in the race please contact Stormi (misti babb) on Facebook for assistance and /or more information.

Stormi Creator of Vulx
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