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Visund Alrikson

Other Titles: called "the Bull"

Visund's symbol.
Raven Banner of the Great Heathen Army lead by Ragnar Lodbrok's sons.

Race: Norsemen
Realm: Stal Dalen
Other Affiliations: formerly of The Húskarlar
Weapons of Choice: Sword and Board
Fighting Since: 2012

About: Named for his bulky size and furry hide, Visund is another name for bison in the tongue of his frozen homeland and a name he bears proudly. Visund shows great promise in war. He is untiring in labor, loyal, and steadfast. In a fight there are few others you would be luckier to have at your side.

Lore: Visund was born in 859 AD to Alrik, a farmer and famed wrestler. He was given his name, which means bison in the nord-tongu due to his size and hairy hide. In fact, he is so hairy that some believe he was born from a cow and that his parents found him in their barn. Sigurd often jokes that his drinking horn was cut from Visund's brow. As boys, Visund and Sigurd grew up together and are sworn brothers although they do not share blood.

It was with Sigurd that Visund fought the troll Rjodbrand wrestling him to the ground after all others had fled. His skill allowed Sigurd to drive the monster's own sword through its heart.

Visund remained in Norway until his twentieth year when he joined Sigurd's war band to raid in the Baltic. They were ambushed in the night while ashore. The fighting was fierce and left many Slavs dead and only four of the war band breathing including Visund and Sigurd.

Events Attended:
Halloween Eriador Event 2013
WPO 2013
Melcaorme XI
June Eriador Event 2013
Eriador Halloween Event
Wolfpack Opener 2014
Eriador Halloween Even 2014
Oktoberfest 2014
Oktoberfest 2015

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