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Fighting Name: Renato
Age: 18
Started Fighting: March '05
Unit: Mercenary. Renato doesn't like to commit.
Realm: Arnor
Equipment Used: Sword and Board. Favored weapon was by far the halberd back in the PVC-times of old.

Events Attended:
Wolfpack Opener
Numenor Opener
Armageddon V

Mundane Occupation: Student.

Renato's parents are Cassandra Fredericksdaughter and Rosenau of the Middle Realm (SCA). They stopped being active members after having three children and losing all their free time and 18+ years of their lives, so Renato had no experience there past toddler-hood. Instead, she fought with PVC weapons for a week every February in high school, then helped expand it to three times a week all year in '05 for the kiddies too young for the local realm, Numenor. She joined Arnor/Washington University immediately in Fall '06 after seeing Helm and others standing in the parking lot in garb and carrying foam (it was a most exciting day). Among the Washington University Arnorians, Renato is known for her steadfast belief in making your own damn armor, and for laughing when purchased armor breaks/sucks.

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