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Short Swords are the shortest swords in Belegarth, besides daggers. Short Swords have a 16" blade with a 5" handle, give or take a few inches for personal preference.


To make a Short Sword, follow the directions on this page, keeping the blade length a about 16" or so.

In Battle

Short Swords are often used in florentine style combat as a secondary weapon. The Short Sword is perfect for quick strikes and can maneuver in tight areas.

Dual Short Swords

A few courageous warriors, such as Pow Pow, use two Short Swords as their choice of weaponry. Two Short Swords can deflect missile weapons like javelins by crossing blades an thrusting them upwards. Wielding two Short Swords also allows extraordinarily quick attacks. Short Swords won't get tangled up as easily in cramped situations either.

Dual Short Sword Wielders

If you wield two short swords as your weapons of choice, add your name to the list below!

  • Pow Pow


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