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Name Lavinia Tealeaf

Real Name: Heaven Maddox

Gender: Female

Realm: Wolfpack of the High Plains (scribe)

Unit: House Dregoth petitioner

Primary Fighting Style: archery learning Spear and a little bit of sword and board

Fighting Since: end of winter 2018

About Me

My name is Lavinia tealeaf I'm the last of the tealeaf fairies. I was raised on a small island a fairies as the youngest of the royal family of the tealeaves. One day when our island was found it was destroyed where then i was left alone for dead. I was then found and saved by Pirates. From there I've had many Adventures, and learned many skills. One skill being arching and also being my go-to and slowly learning the spear. Also during my adventures with the Pirates I have met many humans or humanoids and monsters making friends with them all. As a tealeaf fairy I am prone to making tea for people to help with their illnesses. Or making tea to trade for other objects such as shiny things or essential oils and more. As a fairy I'm attracted to shiny things and sweet things. Being a nature-based fairy flowers and plants interest me lots. As a fairy I am very playful until it comes to the battlefield where I become a playful fighter more interested in distracting my opponent.

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