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Real Name: Sarah

Race: Bugbear runt

Realm: Loderia

Fighting Style: Pinktastic bat and strap shield

Fighting Since: January 2006

No unit

Character Lore

Ty is a Bugbear runt descended from her father, Borig, a feral Bugbear who decided to mate with a roaming Githyanki warrior. When she was born she was abnormally small. Her father came to claim her from her mother and raised her until she was old enough to take care of herself. Being a runt in bugbear society and a female as well made it all the more difficult to gain status and respect, and she is still gaining it to this day. Once she felt her lot was done with her father's clan, she set out into the wilderness to find her own niche. It was in a dark forest that she encountered an avatar of Grankhul, the bugbear God of dexterity, speed, and wit, and he greatly increased these traits in her, naming her his follower.

Ty uses her small size to her advantage, and prides herself in stealth and speed to defeat her enemies. Due to her runt status, she does not have as many hormones as other bugbears. She may be less hairy, but is definitely not less brutal. She now roams the land with her blood brother, Drago Darkheart, born of the same father. These two are often found together.

[More history to come as it is made]

"What monster you be, sailor queer?"

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