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Defining Traits

Treasure Goblyns are small, uncommonly grey-skinned Goblyns. They have an insatiable greed for riches and live to acquire and hoard anything of value, especially if it is shiny. It is believed that these Goblyns were once average greenskins, content to slaughter and pillage as others do, but then they stumbled upon a specific item, something so shiny and valuable that it became their obsession, and twisted their Skribbit-given lust for blood...into lust for treasure. It is said that this sheer greed, like a curse, begins to slowly drain the pigment from their skin, turning it into a metallic or ash grey. This can progress very slowly or more quickly, depending on the depth of the goblyn's obsession and how quickly they lose their hunger for death. This has caused them to adapt enhanced thievery, bartering, and escape tactics, as typical Goblyn tribes will shun any grey-skinned creature who approaches. However, this does offer certain advantages. Unburdened by attachments to bloodthirsty tribes, Treasure Goblyns are free to trade with whomever they see fit, including Pinkies. Some Treasure Goblyns have even been able to establish peaceful relationships with Dwarfs despite the ongoing war between the Dwarfs and Gobylns.


Typically, Goblyns are polytheistic, though the level of devotion varies greatly from Goblyn to Goblyn. But Goblyns have no deity devoted to wealth, greed or shinies, so when deciding what to venerate, Treasure Goblyns are left without options among normal greenskin culture. It has been said that these grey-skinned ones instead look to the vast fortunes and hoarding prowess of the mighty Dragons for their guidance. While dragons rarely are seen in modern times, it is still common for Treasure Goblyns to cast all other gods aside in favor of the powerful beasts, as they often amass great piles of shinies and sleep on them, which is really all any grey one wants to do.

Known Treasure Goblyns

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