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Sigil of the Lost.jpeg

Home Realm: Dur-Demarion

Established: Dead of Winter, 2016

The Undead Legion

The Elder Dead

  • Flynnt, Revenant, K'oth of The Lost, Thane
  • Falnir, Morrikyyn, Steward of the Keep, Undoth
  • Aodhan, the Slaugh, Chief Ambassador, Undoth
  • Yang, Resurrected Kitsune, Webmaster, Undoth
  • Mellori, the Plague Maiden, Head of Human Resources, Apprentice
  • Cornix, the Skeletal Tengu, Gravedigger, Undoth

Rummis (Combat)

Mieli (Non-Combat)

Thralls of The Lost

Wanderers of The Lost:

The Lost Code

We are the warriors of Armageddon. When all has fallen and the final hour has struck, we will rise and face the Void. We are the revenant, blood-drinkers and flesh-eaters, spat from the jaws of inferno and denied paradise. When the world-eating serpent raises its head and calls for all things to end, we will stand ready and fight. We are watching, waiting for that final battle, fixed in time as the World-Eater is confined to his prison by the blade of our forebears, unable to live, unable to die. Denied by the cycle of birth and death, we fall only to rise again, bound by our duty in chains of shadow. We are the Last Judgment. We are the undead, the forsaken, the unbowed, the eternal. We are The Lost.

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