Tha Rugged Lands

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Tha Rugged Lands, aka tha Slums of Shaolin.

Tha Rugged Lands are made up of Rugged Nomads, Monks, Ronin, Mercenaries, Bugbears, Kobolds, Ogres, Mekoots, Knights, Ruckus Goblyns, Uruks, Gelfs, Killa Bees, and Ninja.

Tha Rugged Lands of Shaolin spread far and wide, tha remains of tha Shaolin temple lay in tha Slums. Rugged warriors wander tha country looking to relieve their enemies of their heads. Rugged Lands Rest and Relaxation is plentiful in tha West. Tha Rugged vast plains spread throughout tha midwest. Slumlords are notorious for winning. Legend tells that tha strongest and most elite murderers in tha world thrive in tha Rugged Lands.

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