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Real name: Wesley "Rush" Fitzwater
Race: pinky
Realm: N/A
Unit: Ralingarde
Weapon of Choice: Red Sword
Started fighting: May 2006
killed Blitzkreig: enough to earn me a spot by the right hand of GOD
Times one-shotted by Ryoma: A shitload and a half.

Tepeshe directly translates from Romanian as "The Impaler".

Doom marineonastick.gif

Facts about Tepeshe

  • Tepeshe's middle name stems from his mother sleeping with Geddy Lee
  • Tepeshe will kick your ass at galaga
  • Tepeshe is always willing to light Zaku on fire.
  • Tepeshe is the most talented person in the unit (or not).
  • Tepeshe is in the Army National Guard, and is disappointed at not being allowed to wear a camo kilt.
  • Tepeshe's favorite food is gravy.
  • Tepeshe can often be seen eating lunch with John Stamos.
  • Tepeshe thinks that skin is overrated. ("Jesus, it's fucking everywhere!" -Tepeshe)
  • Tepeshe...lol
  • Tepeshe supports Pinkie rights.
  • Tepeshe knows Ryoma has a ninja bedspread and ninja pajamas
  • Tepeshe is actually the most talented person in the unit and the only reason he isn't the leader is because of a technicallity of him not being a grammar nazi.
  • Tepeshe is the spawn of Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, Jean Claude Van-Damme, Arnold Schwarzenneger, and the Good Humor ice cream man.
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